These 21 Geode Wedding Cakes Will Blow Your Mind ...

By Jennifer

These 21 Geode Wedding Cakes Will Blow Your Mind ...

Cake pops are fine, sure, but if you're looking to wow your guests on your big day, why not try one of these swoon-worthy geode wedding cakes? They're made with rock candy crystals, and they're just divine ... each one is a masterpiece, almost too pretty to eat!

1 This Gorgeous Green Geode Cake

turquoise, lamp, sculpture, lighting, christmas tree,

2 This Stunning Silver + White Geode Cake

wedding cake,

3 This Blue + Gold Cake

lavender, jewellery,

4 This 3-tiered Cake

wedding cake, dessert, food, icing, fondant,

5 Pretty in Pink + Gold

pink, furniture, chest of drawers,

6 This Museum-quality Geode Cake

vase, ice cream cone, jewellery, food, centrepiece,

7 Aquamarine


8 Rugged and Rustic

jewellery, glitter, dessert, wedding cake,

9 Marble + Geode

wedding cake, turquoise, sculpture,

10 This Beautiful Square Geode Cake

wedding cake, jewellery,

11 On Point Amethyst

lilac, sculpture, purple, lavender, wedding cake, The colors are so rich on this one!

12 Sunset?

sculpture, modern art, statue, trophy,

13 Just Gorgeous

purple, lavender, spring, flower, lighting,

14 A Tiny Peek

sculpture, figurine, jewellery, coffee cup,

15 Pretty Pastels


16 Rough Cut

lighting, light fixture, furniture,

17 Delicate

wedding cake, pink, flower, floristry, centrepiece,

18 Another Take

wedding cake, purple, lavender, lilac, blue and white porcelain,

19 Wow

purple, lavender, jewellery, food,

20 Richest

lavender, wedding cake, blue and white porcelain, porcelain, sculpture,

21 Sweet 16?

lilac, amethyst, purple, produce, food, Take off the Sweet 16 banner, and it's a gorgeous wedding cake. OMG!

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Yes, it’s eatable, yes it looks like a growth or female organ, it may not be the worst trend@

Where can I get one of these?

Looks too good to eat!

They look sooo nice I wonder if the shiny stuff is eatable :p

One of the worst trends in wedding cakes, ever.

These all look so cool

I'm sorry, but my first thought is that the vast majority look like vulvas

However as a Degreed and retired Chef I do agree it is lacking in beauty..I’m going to try and work on this ✌️🤠

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