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20 Breathtaking Wedding Ideas You've Never Heard of before ...

By Heather

Brides, take notice. These unique wedding ideas will be trending in 2017!

1 Video Tables

wedding, ceremony, meal,

2 Marching Band Processional

crowd, demonstration, protest, marching, festival,

3 A Floating Dance Floor

fashion, stage, musical theatre,

4 Blowing Glitter Instead of Rice

Blowing Glitter Instead of Rice

5 Champagne Tower

Champagne Tower

6 Stations – NOT Candy Buffets

Stations – NOT Candy Buffets

7 Textured Wedding Cakes

Textured Wedding Cakes

8 Dessert Walls

Dessert Walls

9 Drink Stations

Drink Stations

10 Food Trucks

Food Trucks

11 All the Edible Favors

All the Edible Favors

12 Library Card Guest Book

Library Card Guest Book

13 Cute Passed Desserts

Cute Passed Desserts

14 Shadow Photography

Shadow Photography

15 Party to-Go Bags

Party to-Go Bags

16 Sparkler Photography

Sparkler Photography

17 Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar

18 Press Your Bouquet

Press Your Bouquet

19 Groom's Fave Liquor Bar

Groom's Fave Liquor Bar

20 In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

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