Christmas Decor for a Festive Wedding in Winter ...


Christmas Decor for a Festive Wedding in Winter ...
Christmas Decor for a Festive Wedding in Winter ...

Summer might be the iconic time to have your wedding, but there's something really special about getting married in the winter too. There are so many cool decoration options that just wouldn't fit in the warm months. If you're planning winter nuptials, check out the awesome decor ideas. The only problem will be deciding which ones you like the best.

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Rustic White

The combination of all white decor with the rustic wood slices and pinecones is perfect for a winter wedding.


White Flowers and White Candles

As you can see, white is the best choice for a winter wedding.


Chandeliers over the Tables

Wouldn't you love to have this at your winter?


Little Trees

This wintery idea is great for your gift of guest book table.


Use Pine Branches

Pine branches are a no-brainer when it comes to decorating for a cold weather wedding.


Winter Wonderland

This winter scene would make any wedding memorable.


Mood Lighting

Any color of lighting would look wonderful against a white backdrop.


Hanging Candles

If you live somewhere warm in the winter, you can pull off a great look like this one.


Bring the outside in

Set this up by the window and you can feel like a little bit of the outdoors is inside at your wedding.


Go for Lots of Drama

This look would be sure to awe all of your guests.


A Little Bit of Red

Bright bursts of red really make a winter white wedding pop in a good way.


Light Tons of Candles

Candles add lots of romance and lighting to a wedding.


Some of Everything

Can't decide if you want trees, candles or mood lighting? Go ahead and use them all.


Formal Setting

Here's a formal setup that will make your wedding really special.


Try Crystal Decor

Crystal decor and dishes are the perfect complement to white decorations.


Candles of All Sizes

Grouping together a bunch of candles of different sizes is romantic and wintery at the same time.


Make It Sparkle

Fairy lights all over the place light up a winter wedding in the best way.


Something Totally Simple

A simple setup with pine boughs and white candles is perfect for a winter wedding.


Recreate a Snowy Scene

Bring some snow inside by hanging "snowballs" above your wedding tables.


White on a Dark Backdrop

Look how great white looks against the dark furniture and tablecloths.


Hang Paper Lanterns

Those paper lanterns add a touch of fun and whimsy to your winter wedding.

Which ones do you love? Will they make your wedding the most memorable one in history?

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