Brand New Wedding Ideas to Try in 2016 ...


Are you get married this year? Congratulations! Getting engaged is super exciting, but it also means you have to plan a wedding now. Chances are you want something different than everyone else and 2016 is just the year to do that. Check out these fantastic ideas and you'll have the best wedding this year.

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Different Shades of Blue

Different Shades of Blue The wedding experts say that blue is a hot color for your 2016 wedding. Use it for your bridesmaids gowns, flowers and cake.


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Pink is another hot color trend for this year's weddings. It's romantic and flirty at the same time.


Alternative Desserts

Alternative Desserts Brides this year are over the pricey cake and are choosing cake pops, tiny pies or cheesecake instead.


Loads of Sparkle

Loads of Sparkle Metallic colors are having a moment right now and gold, silver and bronze are great options for your wedding.


Over the Top Themes

Over the Top Themes Theme weddings make for great photo ops and this is the year when things are taken to an entirely new level.


Live Bands

No more wedding DJs. Wedding experts say that 2016 is the year for hiring a live band for your big day.


Cocktail Receptions

To make things more intimate and less costly, a cocktail reception saves money on a sit down dinner, but is still elegant and fancy.


Food Stations

Again, instead of a sit down dinner, wedding experts are saying that this year, food stations will be hot. Maybe a baked potato or taco station sounds good to you.


Small Venues

Instead of having a huge wedding, consider a small intimate one with only the people that mean the most to you.


Feathers on Your Gown

Feathers on Your Gown Feathery wedding gowns are super trendy and will make you look beautiful at your 2016 wedding.


Naked Cake

Naked Cake Instead of a cake smothered in fondant, the minimal look is in this year. Do you love it?


Online Highlights

Online Highlights Share the best parts of your wedding online for those who couldn't make it.


Wild Bouquets

Instead of a super tailored bouquet, you might like a less "done" look for your wedding this year.


Deep Necklines

Wedding dresses are getting a bit daring. You will love wearing a plunging neckline for your 2016 wedding.


Floral Wedding Gowns

Not a fan of the big white gown? Floral wedding gowns are going to be huge this year and you'll look lovely in one.


You Might like a Two-piece Gown

For something really different at your wedding, think about wearing a two-piece gown.


Barn Weddings

You simply cannot go wrong with a barn wedding in 2016.


Unique Floral Arrangements

Instead of those fancy creations, you might like something that includes wildflowers or coffee beans to hold the stems in place. The sky is the limit.


His and Hers Cocktails

This is a fun and delicious way to personalize your wedding and share something you love with guests.


Action Shots

Don't let your photographer leave after the formal shots are done. Make sure you get some of the action afterward too.

Which of these ideas do you want for your 2016 wedding?

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A couple of these were on Refinery 29's overdone list. But I still love them!

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