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Wedding Ideas You Can Use Next Valentines Day ...

By Eliza

You might not be ready to walk the aisle this year, but Valentine's Day is one of the biggest holidays for marriage proposals. If you feel like you might be getting the big question this year, it's never too early to plan your nuptials for next year. What could be better than having your wedding on the biggest day of love we celebrate? These ideas are sure to make your big day the best one yet.

Table of contents:

  1. Heart shaped bouquet
  2. Bright red flowers
  3. Adorable wedding favors
  4. Perfect table settings
  5. Beautiful invitations
  6. All done up in red
  7. Cute table decor
  8. Cute photo op
  9. Lots of red and pink flowers
  10. Photo backdrop
  11. Go big or go home
  12. Throw flowers instead of rice
  13. Pink wedding dress
  14. Or a red wedding dress
  15. Red bridal party
  16. Pink bridesmaid dresses
  17. Pretty outdoor valentine's day wedding
  18. Add a touch of silver
  19. Lovely pink and red bouquet
  20. Perfect valentine's day wedding cake

1 Heart Shaped Bouquet

Source: Wedding Planning Checklist: The Ultimate

2 Bright Red Flowers

Source: Wedding day henna

3 Adorable Wedding Favors

Source: The - Wedding Coach

4 Perfect Table Settings

Source: Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

5 Beautiful Invitations


6 All Done up in Red

Source: The Finest Tips And Concepts

7 Cute Table Decor

Source: valentines day wedding ideas DIY

8 Cute Photo Op


9 Lots of Red and Pink Flowers

Source: 34 Swoon-Worthy Valentine's Day Wedding

11 Photo Backdrop

Source: Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding Ideas: Hugs

12 Go Big or Go Home

Source: Wedding. Here Are Plans for

13 Throw Flowers Instead of Rice

Source: A Valentine's Day Wedding

14 Pink Wedding Dress

Source: Pretty Pink Wedding Dresses

15 Or a Red Wedding Dress

Source: Say Yes To The Red

16 Red Bridal Party

Source: Reyes Wedding

17 Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: Shop pink wedding dress bridal

18 Pretty Outdoor Valentine's Day Wedding

Source: Coastal wedding inspiration Red and

19 Add a Touch of Silver

Source: Modern Elegant Red, Pink &

20 Lovely Pink and Red Bouquet

Source: red-pink-wedding-1 - Society Bride

21 Perfect Valentine's Day Wedding Cake

Source: Red velvet, and gelato, and

Do you dream of a Valentine's Day wedding? Which of these ideas do you want to use on your big day?

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