7 Spring Wedding Ideas ...


7 Spring Wedding Ideas ...
7 Spring Wedding Ideas ...

Spring is upon us, which means that we are about to be in the height of wedding season (and I just simply adore weddings), which is why I wanted to share some fantastic spring wedding ideas with you this week. If you are getting married in the spring season, you are bound to be looking for ideas for your wedding. With a little thought and creativity, you can come up with spring wedding ideas that will make yours an affair to remember.

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Spring Color Scheme

The first of many spring wedding ideas is choosing a color scheme that will set the tone and speak to the season. When I think about spring, one of the first things that comes to my mind are pastel colors. Pastel pink and purple, sky blue and mint green, lilac and pistachio green are all colors that will surely set the tone for your spring wedding. Alternatively, you could opt for one pastel color and pair it up with a more neutral color, like baby blue and chocolate brown.


The Flowers

A key component in any wedding is the flowers. Since this is the season that is bursting with blooms, you have a wide range of options available to you. Popular spring flower choices include hydrangea, lilies, tulips and lilacs.


Sweet Centerpieces

Play up the spring theme by using centerpieces that coordinate with the season. Vintage watering cans as a vessel for flower arrangements add a playful, stylish touch. A collection of different sized, shaped and colored flowerpots filled with blooming plants can double as centerpieces and favors that your guests can take home.



You (and your guests) will be in the mood for love when you illuminate your venue with soft lighting. Think an assortment of candles and strings of lights to create that whimsical, romantic atmosphere that is so perfect for the spring.


Carry Umbrellas

The spring is noted for its showers, as well as its sun. Whatever the weather, your girls will be ready when they carry umbrellas down the aisle instead of bouquets. I’m not talking about those tacky umbrellas that fold down to fit in your bag (though I do have one in my bag at all times); I’m talking about a stylish umbrella with a lovely handle that features lovely designs, or that ties into your color scheme.


Mason Jars

Want to add a bit of country chic to your wedding? How about serving drinks in mason jars instead of traditional glasses? This will add an instant touch of spring, and will also serve as a conversation piece.


Garden Favors

Your guests will remember your springtime wedding always when you offer them favors that they can use in their garden. Tie seed packets to tasteful watering cans (vintage, stainless, etc.) and have your names and wedding date inscribed on the side. You will literally be sowing the seeds of love.

With the warmer weather, the longer days and the flowers abloom, the springtime is the perfect time to profess your love to one another. Getting married in the spring? What types of ideas are you using?

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