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Last year was dominated by amazing events, so it’s no surprise that this season is crazy about style tips from royal weddings! While you might not be able to replicate the huge celebrity-studded guest lists, huge historic abbeys, private-island honeymoons or millions of viewers, there is a surprising number of style tips from royal weddings you can take from these events, to give your event its own touch of magic too.

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Get Changed…

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was one of the most copied designs last season, with wedding designers everywhere watching her eagle-eyed to reproduce the stunning lace dress. It wasn’t her only wedding outfit, though – she swapped into a stunning, sleeker satin gown worn with an angora cardigan for her reception. There’s so many pictures of her looking amazing now, and the reception photos have an intimate style that makes them ideal for displaying around the house, too. This is one of the best style tips from royal weddings – a second dress will show off your personal style further, and give you a wearable memento of your special day.


English Gardens…

Two dresses wasn’t the only trend Kate’s kicked off. Prince William involved every part of the United Kingdom through their signature plants by turning Westminster Abbey into a living avenue. The country garden theme involved lining the abbey with trees, and cute plant jewelry for Kate too – and it’s easily recreated with potted trees and plenty of flowers. There’s some gorgeous flowery wedding pictures popping up everywhere now, and they look so timeless!


Cute Headwear…

Who doesn’t love Zara Philip’s simple yet statement style?! She wed English rugby player Mike Tindall in July 2011, and opted for a Stewart Parvin wedding dress with delicate lace cap sleeves and a deep V-neck back, teamed with a white bouquet and stunning tiara. It’s a great choice if you want something eye catching without being overbearing, and Zara showed off her shiny tresses by wearing her veil further back on her head.



Looking for something different to the usual white wedding attire? Studies have shown that older brides and those who have been married before tend to avoid the whole traditional white look, but still want something special. Camilla Parker-Bowles' wedding day outfit is perfect for this type of event, consisting of an oyster silk floor-length coat with intricate gold detailing and a striking fascinator, along with a small bouquet.



How much did you love Autumn Kelly and Peter Phillips' bridesmaids?! Autumn chose six bridesmaids, four adults and two children, and opted for floor-length soft green gowns for all of them. While the adults wore casual up-dos and strapless dresses, the children had flower headbands and cap sleeves, and everyone had a small bouquet of yellow flowers. It’s fresh and feminine without being too girly – so it’s no wonder this is set to be one of the biggest colors this season.


Simple Statements…

With so many bridesmaids and guests, it would have been easy for Autumn’s dress to be overshadowed, but her subtle styling really played it up. The white Vera Wang number featured lace detailing at the top, so she opted for a plain, small veil, and added a waist cinching belt and pearl jewelry. Her bouquet was a great finishing touch, being big and delicate, and matching Peter’s tie. Make a classic statement yourself by opting for simple, striking details.



Want a themed wedding without going overboard? Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys Jones might have gotten married back in 1999, but they really showed how to do color subtly yet properly. They opted for a classic blue shade, and accented it across the wedding, including it in the bride's jewelry and the groom's tie and pocket square. Even their child bridesmaids wore blue shoes. They may have been married for 12 years, but their photographs still seem fresh and unified due to the careful colors.

Will you be using any style tips from royal weddings? I love searching through wedding photos looking for inspiration, and I’ve become something of a wedding planner for my friends! Other hot royal styles to look out for are medieval dresses and big jewelry, which will be coming to a wedding near you soon! What style would you choose for your big day? I’d love to know!

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