7 Tips for Writing a Wedding Toast That Will Be Remembered Forever ...


7 Tips for Writing a Wedding Toast That Will Be Remembered Forever ...
7 Tips for Writing a Wedding Toast That Will Be Remembered Forever ...

If your best friend, brother, sister or co-worker is getting hitched and you’ve been asked to write the wedding toast, then be sure to brush up on some tips for writing a wedding toast before you take the plunge. A woman’s wedding is one of the most important, if not the most important, days of her life. She wants it to be perfect, and wants the wedding toast to be incredibly memorable. Can you blame her? We all want a great wedding toast and hope it doesn’t end in someone getting offended, going on for an hour, or being boring. Check out these amazing tips for writing a wedding toast and you’ll be perfectly polished in time for the big day.

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Be Yourself

One of the most important tips for writing a wedding toast is to be yourself. Maybe you went to a wedding once that had the most incredibly memorable speech. Don’t try to copycat that type of speech if it isn’t your style. If you’re not a good comedian, don’t try to be one. If you aren’t the super-serious type, don’t try to be dramatic and make everyone cry. The bride asked you to write the speech because she likes you for you. Be sure you deliver that in your speech.


Don’t Be Rude

All wedding toasts usually have a funny line or two. This is perfectly fine, and actually preferable if what you say is both funny and polite. Don’t be rude and offend someone just for the sake of being funny. Most likely, it will make you seem like “the one who ruined the wedding” instead of the one who cracked a funny joke. It is fine to throw out a funny, painless joke, but don’t jab where you know it will hurt someone either.


Keep It Short and Sweet

A wedding toast is not a prolonged speech and this isn’t the national election. You’ve been asked to say a few kind words about the bride and groom and your relationship with them, along with any fun, sweet humor or tidbits. The audience does not need to know your life history with them or your thoughts on if they’ll have children or move away. Keep it short and sweet!


Be Sincere

When writing a wedding speech, you’ll want to be sincere about what you say by thinking of the best qualities each person has, how they complement each other, and how they have enhanced your life. Also be sure to give them a sincere congrats and wish them the best. If you don’t like the groom, now isn’t the time to let the world know. Be nice!


Don’t Be Too Creative

When making a wedding toast, it is perfectly fine to read a poem, share a quote or even a very short story, yet don’t try something too creative, such as perform a dance routine or act out a drama. This is a simple wedding toast and not a time to showcase your artistic talents. The bride and groom are the stars of the day, so keep it that way! On the same token, if you find a great poem, quote or short story that will enhance the emotion behind your speech, feel free to go ahead and share that. Just make sure it resonates with who they really are, and who you really are.


Take It Seriously

You should take a wedding toast just as seriously as if you were making a speech as Valedictorian at your graduation. You’ll be speaking in front of people you don’t know and want to make a good impression, but most importantly, you want to please the new couple. Take your role seriously, but don’t let it freak you out to the point that you stammer all over your words.


Take a Deep Breath

As you’re writing your speech, relax and remember to practice! Take a deep breath, remember that you’ve been given this role because you’re highly thought of, and practice several times before actually making your speech. Oh, and regardless of your nerves, don’t drink too much before you make your speech. If you're going to drink, save that for after the toast!

I’ve only seen poor wedding toasts in movies, but I would be horrified if my wedding went that way, wouldn’t you? Have you ever had to give a toast at a wedding or do you know someone who did?

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