9 Best Reasons to Elope with the Love of Your Life ...


9 Best Reasons to Elope with the Love of Your Life ...
9 Best Reasons to Elope with the Love of Your Life ...

There are plenty of reasons to elope, but most of the time people get so caught up with wedding plans they don’t realize how romantic doing things on your own can be. In addition, all too often there is a stigma surrounding getting married and not including everyone that you know. But when it comes to spending the rest of your life with one person whom you truly cannot live without, it’s important to remember why you’re getting married in the first place. It is even more important to consider the fact that there are many reasons to elope.

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It’s Romantic

Of the many reasons to elope, this one is my favorite. No one wants to be stressed or hassled when they are getting married, and sometimes this can happen when you are forced to entertain and host a slew of guests on your own special day. Eloping eliminates most external stress because at the core of it all, it’s just you and your partner expressing your love for each other. After all, that’s the whole point of actually getting married in the first place. Spending time with your one true love and only your one true love on your wedding day, to me, is the most romantic thing in the entire world.


No Stressful Wedding Plans

Unfortunately there is a reason many people have adopted the term “bridezilla,” and it is clearly because wedding plans sometimes turn people into monsters. And rightfully so! Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, so if you are thinking about getting married, that should definitely be on your list of reasons to elope. No one wants or needs that kind of stress and nagging from friends, family and in-laws, so running away together is sometimes the best thing for everyone.


Your Spouse Practices a Different Religion than You

When you get right down to it, people really cannot control whom they fall in love with. So if you find someone who you want to marry and they happen to come from a family that practices a different religion than yours, I would definitely count that as one of your best reasons to elope. In many cultures, wedding ceremonies are very holy and important, and that can get sticky if you don’t feel comfortable having a priest or rabbi at your service. Even if you want to get married by the justice of the peace, you never know how your parents and in-laws will feel about it, and the last thing you want to do is offend anybody. Therefore, this is one of the most justified reasons to elope in my book, and no one will blame you for wanting to keep things private.


You Are Pregnant

Some people are more liberal and open than others, but if I got pregnant before I got married, I know I would not feel comfortable by any means walking down the aisle with a baby bump. Now everyone is different, but people can be very judgmental in my family so I know this would certainly be one of my reasons to elope. And besides, with so many changes happening in your life you don’t want any added stress, so it’s probably best to relax and plan for the birth of your child rather than worry about planning a wedding.


You Have Already Been Married before

If I were getting married a second time, I would consider that one of my reasons to elope. I mean, if you have already had the ballroom wedding ceremony once, why do it a second time and spend a fortune all over again? Besides, if you are on your second marriage, you are probably a bit older than you were the first time around, and at that point I think it would just feel silly to have 300 guests, a puffy white dress, and hundreds of gifts.


Your Family Does Not Approve

As much as I respect my parents, I also respect the fact that there will be times we will not agree. When it comes to marriage, many people need their family’s approval, while others could not care less. If I fell madly in love with someone my parents hated, it would be very hard for me not to marry them regardless, so that would certainly be on my list of reasons to elope since I would not want to make the situation any worse than it already is.


There Are Too Many People You Want to Invite

One of my biggest pet peeves is an overcrowded wedding. Even if you are a social butterfly, having over 500 people at your wedding is ridiculous because you can probably go through the entire party without ever seeing half the people you invited! Some people have really big families and tons of friends, to the point where a circumstance like that is unavoidable. In that case I would mark that down as one of your best reasons to elope. If you elope, you reduce the party size to just two people and no one will get hurt or offended since you didn’t invite anyone as opposed to some guests and not others.


You Want to Get Married in a Foreign Country

My dream is to get married on a beach somewhere in Morocco, and I know for that to happen, I will most likely have to elope because not everyone I know is willing to travel that far. So if you are like me and share the same sentiment of getting married far away on a tropical island or getaway, definitely consider eloping. Wanting to get married away from friends and family members is one of the best reasons to elope, and also wanting to do it on a vacation or in a foreign country is equally as valid.


You Cannot Afford a Wedding

This is probably one of the saddest reasons to elope, but a valid one nonetheless. Most catering halls charge by the “plate” or per person, and this can cost you and your partner a very pretty penny. To spend so much money for just a few hours just does not go along with some people's values. And at the end of the day, if you really do want to have a wedding, you should not do it just to please other people. It should be a day about love and celebration. Both those things are just as easily achievable when you elope.

Elopment is a touchy subject and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Have you ever eloped with someone? Do you approve or disapprove of people eloping? Please share your thoughts!

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What if you have no friends that you would invite to the wedding and your family isn't helping you money-wise?

Sara, I know what you mean re: judgmental families. I live in the Bible Belt and know a few people who got married young because the girl was pregnant. I was happy for my friends, but I hated the gossip and "scandal talk" they got from other people. It was stupid. We'd think that this wouldn't happen in this day and age, but apparently it does.

Would a wedding be much of a celebration even if there are less than 20 people attending?

Weddings are so over rated! Eloping is the way to go.

I agree with @amothershed. If you don't have anyone helping you pay for your wedding...that is one of the best reasons to elope.

My best college friend said that she'll get married in a private ceremony but have a big blowout for the reception. So there's a compromise.

Can't afford it neither of us have friends- we'd pretty much just invite the folks we always see for birthday parties and holidays- his immediate family. The other 10 folks I would invite live way way to far away and most couldn't afford to come down to where I am. We'd probably end up with 10 gifts and a bunch of cards and that wouldn't help pay for any kind if ceremony lol. I don't even have friends to be bridesmaids or invite to my baby shower in a month or so. So lonely:(

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