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7 Things Your Wedding Florist Secretly Wants You to Know ...

By Michelle

I have a friend, Deborah Miller, who is a florist, and while talking to her recently, I discovered that there are many things that your wedding florist secretly wants you to know. Amidst all the drama of dress fittings, crazy relatives who won’t come/you hope won’t come, it can be easy to let your wedding florist slip through the cracks. But one thing I can tell you is that your flowers will be as close to PERFECT as they can possibly get if you follow these delicate little suggestions, gathered together like wildflowers from some far flung distant meadow (probably by a long-suffering florist who got up at the crack of dawn to get them...).

1 Be Specific

Tell us exactly what you want. Exactly. Please don’t be wishy-washy. You might think it’s rude to be very specific about what you want, but it’s actually the opposite. Your wedding florist is DYING for you to tell them just what you would like – that makes their job so much easier and more enjoyable. And that way they can deliver exactly what you want, so it’s happy times for all!

2 Know Your Color Scheme before You Meet Us

We aren’t your wedding planner! We can’t help you that much if you don’t know what color your bridal party is going to be wearing. Don’t ask us to make that decision for you, or pick out the color of your bouquets. It's a better idea to get your dresses – or a sample of their fabric – first, and then come to us.

3 Be Realistic about Your Budget

If you want fairy-tale flowers on a Cinderella (before the Prince) budget, unfortunately we can’t be your fairy godmother. We’ll try our bibbity-bobbity-best to get as close to your dream as possible, but please come with a firm idea of your budget and the scale it can afford. Your florist can’t work magic, but they can turn your pumpkin into a carriage with just a little bit of compromise and forward planning.

4 Beware Open-stemmed Flowers

If you want open-stemmed flowers, know that this will most likely cause problems. If you manage to put your green stems on your white dress, it’s probably going to stain! You will then get very unstylish, gross green goop on The Dress. Be vewy vewy quiet – er, I mean, careful, if you do choose to have open stemmed flowers. Just saying.

5 Beware Hay Fever

If you get hay fever, remember that the flowers WILL set you off. Take an anti-histamine. I repeat: take an anti-histamine. Have your bridal party take an anti-histamine. This is not a drill. It should be I do, not ah-choo. Ha ha. Sorry.

6 Flowers Smell

Believe it or not! If you want highly scented flowers at your wedding, know that unless you are absolutely in love with the smell and have been for a long time, after a couple of hours you’ll be well and truly over it. On the same note, if you have the same smelly flowers at the reception venue (i.e. things like freesias, jonquils and gardenias are serious scent offenders), know that your guests will most likely smell more of them than their food. Unless you’re planning to serve Steak a la Daffodil, steer clear of stronger scented flowers for your centerpieces.

7 Be Gentle with Your Flowers!

Treat them with tender loving care, like your new-found spouse. Flowers are perishable items, and though we pack them tightly together it doesn’t mean they won’t begin to wear a bit if you’re throwing your bouquet around (you know, before the end of the wedding!). Be super-nice to your flowers the whole day, and they’ll reward you with perfecto posy poses in your photos!

And that’s the long stemmed rose and short of it. Know that florists absolutely love being a part of your special day, by using their passions and talents to make gorgeous flower arrangements for you – they want your day to be perfect, and if you stick to these guidelines your wedding flowers will go smoother than a silky soft rose petal. Any other tips for making the most of your flowers? Florists and brides alike, let us know them! And thank you, Deborah!

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