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7 Things You Should Have on Your Wedding Website ...

By Lyndsie

Having finally received our Save the Date cards, Heather and I are now designing our wedding website, and it's so much fun! This is the place where your guests can go to learn more about your wedding, your venue, the theme, the menu at the reception, and so on. You can include so much information on there – and you should, because the more you share, the more your guests know. A lot of things will depend on you as a couple, but there are certain pieces of information you absolutely must share on your wedding website.

1 Information about the Venue

One of the most important things to include on your wedding website is information about the venue. Let your guests know where you're getting married, if the ceremony and reception take place at the same location or in different spots, and the address. They can begin looking up the venue themselves, and making their own plans regarding how they'll get from place to place.

2 How to RSVP

The RSVP is so important. Save the Date cards, which generally include the address to the wedding website, give guests a chance to mark off the date of your wedding. They typically won't RSVP until they receive the formal invitation, but including directions on how to do so will make sure they don't forget. If you also include a guest book on your site, many guests might RSVP right there.

3 Details about the Event

To avoid any fashion faux pas or inappropriate behaviors, you need to let your guests know about the event. Share some details about your theme, because doing so will give the guests a good idea about how to act and what to wear. You can also include information about the expected dress code here. For example, if you're having a casual beach wedding, guests know they can be a bit more relaxed in what they choose to wear.

4 The Low-down on the Menu

You really need to share the menu, not just to tempt your guests' taste buds but also so you can give them necessary health information. For example, if you have any vegetarians or vegans on the guest list, or people with food allergies, they'll have ample time to let you know. That, in turn, gives you a chance to talk to your caterer about special dishes.

5 Registry Tips

Have you already registered? You can keep your registry information updated, so guests know where they can look for gifts. Then again, you may choose to start a Honeymoon Fund instead. Similarly, guests will know that gifts aren't necessarily expected, and they can make the decision to add to your special fund.

6 Information about Accommodation

It's typical to set up a wedding block at a hotel near the venue. Our guests, for instance, can book some beautiful rooms at our nearby Marriott. Other couples book blocks at various hotels, in the interest of budget. Whatever you choose, including this information will let guests know where they can get a reservation. If they need to book a stay at an unaffiliated hotel, they'll also have plenty of time to do so. In that respect, you should mention several hotels in the area, at all price points, even if you have a room block somewhere else.

7 Directions Galore

Give your guests directions to and from everything. Let them know how they can get from the airport, train station, or highway to the hotels in the area and the venue. Include directions leading from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. Leave nothing to chance, because you know you have friends and family members who will get hopelessly lost.

Designing a wedding website is a wonderful way to bond over your big day, plus you get to show off the creativity your guests will experience on a much larger scale at the ceremony and reception. There are many hosting sites, from The Knot to Moonfruit (my favorite!). Did you design a wedding website, or do you intend to? I'd love to hear some tips about your design aesthetic and the information you included!

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