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Choosing your wedding DJ is far more important than you might think. The entertainment is a big part of your special day, and you'll want it to go perfectly. It's not just a case of someone playing records; your DJ should be able to create a fantastic atmosphere. So here are some tips for choosing your wedding DJ …

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Meet Them

The most important of my tips for choosing your wedding DJ is that you must meet him or her. It's not really possible to get a full sense of their style from a website and a chat on the phone. You need someone who's in tune with your tastes and understands what you're looking for. So chat in person to to every DJ you're considering. You'll soon work out which ones you should exclude from your shortlist.



It's also helpful to watch any videos your DJ has available. Do they have a Youtube channel, or are there videos on their website to show them in action? This will help give you a good sense of what their parties are like. Your DJ needs to be able to engage the guests and build an enjoyable atmosphere.


Listens to Your Wishes

The right wedding DJ will listen to your wishes and understand that the day is all about you. They will work with you to create the perfect atmosphere for your evening. A DJ who doesn't seem to be interested in your wishes should be crossed off your list; there will be another who is far more accommodating.



Also make enquiries about the equipment that each DJ has, depending on what you want for your party. Is the lighting important to you? Is their PA system adequate for the venue? Some people want the guests to be able to join in, so does the DJ have a karaoke system?



The right DJ will also be as active or as quiet as you require. Do you want someone who quietly plays background music, or would you like a DJ who interacts with the guests and gets them involved? If you prefer a DJ who simply provides the music, you won't get on with someone whose style is very outgoing, unless they are willing to tone it down.


Enthusiastic and Experienced

Your DJ should also be sufficiently experienced, without being too jaded after decades of wedding parties. Being a good DJ isn't as easy as it might seem, and some get a touch bored with playing the same cheesy wedding tunes! They need to be committed to giving you and your spouse a memorable evening.


Back up

Of course you hope that all goes well on your wedding day from start to finish, but check if your DJ has backup plans in case of problems. What does he do if disaster strikes? Supposing he has a last-minute hitch, falls ill or his equipment breaks down? Some have contacts in the same business who will take over the party. But you don't want to be without a DJ, so always find out if they have that covered.

There are so many factors to plan and organise with your wedding that the DJ may seem less important. However, you do need to pick one who offers exactly what you're looking for, so you'll need to chat with several before making the final choice. And hopefully they won't be booked already! Have you ever been to any disastrous or memorable weddings?

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