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7 Tips to Help You Decide Who to Take Wedding Dress Shopping with You ...

By Alicia

Are you trying to decide who to take wedding dress shopping with you? It is a difficult decision to make. You will probably need to take more than one person with you in order to cover all of these important points you are looking for when you shop but that’s okay. This should help guide you toward who to take wedding dress shopping with you to make it a special day.

1 Choose Someone Honest

When you are trying to decide who to take wedding dress shopping with you, you want to choose someone who is honest. You do not want someone who will say that every dress looks good on you. You need to know you can count on them to be honest in sharing their thoughts. It would be awful to place your trust in someone who was lying to you and then end up purchasing the wrong dress for you. Take along someone you can always count on to be truthful.

2 Choose Someone Kind

You also want someone who is kind in their honesty. While you want the truth, you do not want someone to be unkind or brutal. The goal is to help you choose the best dress for you. However, you want to do that while someone gently, truthfully gives you their opinion. Mentally go over your friends and family to see who best fits this description.

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3 Choose Someone Close to You

You want someone who is close to you to be with you on the day you shop for your wedding dress. It is a day for making memories. You should choose carefully. A mother is a natural choice but there are others you could be close to, also. Only you know who is close to you that you want there on this special day.

4 Choose Someone with an Eye for Fashion

It never, ever hurts to have someone with an eye for fashion along on the day you shop for your wedding dress. Most of us are blessed enough to have a fashion guru in our inner circle. This person is very valuable on the day that you shop for your wedding dress. They can help you see your wedding dress in a way you may not see it. They can point out to you what works best for you and your figure.

5 Choose Someone Who Loves You and Wants Your Happiness

If you have an unkind or prickly relative, this is not the day to try to overcome that problem. This day should be all about you. It should be a day for you to feel loved and happy. Do not bring someone along that is not going to have that goal in mind. While it is important to try to overcome barriers and bond with your difficult family members, this is not the day for it.

6 Choose Someone Who Knows Your Taste

If you have someone who knows you and your taste in clothing well, they are a good choice to bring along. This person will know if a dress suits you or not. They can help you figure out if the dress is the one. They are a valuable member of your wedding dress shopping team. It is more than likely going to take more than one individual to help you and that is okay.

7 Choose Someone You Want in Your Memories

This day will be one that you will never forget. Choose someone you want in those memories. Don’t choose someone that will cast a shadow over your day. You want to remember this day with happiness and joy, not sadness. Choose carefully and you will have no regrets.

It is a huge decision to decide who to take with you when you go wedding dress shopping. Who did you take wedding dress shopping with you? What advice do you have for brides-to-be in this situation?

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