9 Clever Wedding Tips That You Need to Know ...


Whether you’re planning your wedding or getting ready for one, there are always a bunch clever wedding tips that can make your life so much easier! Because on that special day, a million and one things could go wrong. These clever wedding tips will help keep you from going crazy!

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Designated Texter

Don’t be like the woman who spontaneously took her phone out of her dress to reply to a text in the middle of her vows! You don’t want to be bothered with hundreds of little things on your wedding day. Have someone hold onto your phone and reply to your texts. If something absolutely needs your attention, they can let you know. Keep scrolling for more clever wedding tips!


Emergency Kit

I’m sure you all know that there should always be an emergency kit for you and your bridesmaids! Make sure to include body tape or double-sided tape, breath mints, and extra fix-it items!


Try on Your Dress

A lot can happen between your last fitting and the day of your wedding. Try to schedule the last fitting the day before. This is especially useful if you plan on dieting before the wedding!



Make sure to bring extra shoes for the ceremony and dancing! And speaking of shoes, you’ll want to break them in before you wear them down the isle! Bring along a blister stick, just in case.



My hands either get clammy or they just swell up when I’m nervous. Make sure you put on a little hand lotion before you head down the isle. This is make it so much easier to get the ring on!


Meet and Greet

Plan a fun hangout date before the actual wedding. This way, everyone can meet each other and talking about non-wedding things! This also makes the wedding much less awkward. Some fun ideas include brunch or bowling!


Plan out Photos

As a sorority girl, I love taking pictures. I have decided, ever since I was a little girl, that I would have a squad of photographers at my wedding. Because the more pictures, the better! Be sure your photographer knows who you want in your pictures! Write down groups of people that you want pictures with, and it’s also useful to make sure people know where they need to meet for the prearranged group shot! It’s also useful to have some poses planned out!


Thank-you Notes

Write your thank-you notes as you receive and open your gifts! Another useful tip is to do them like mad-libs and just fill in the blank! Try using Google Docs to keep track of this crazy process!


Designated “mom”

Either ask your mother dearest or a really good friend to take care of you the entire day. I’m specifically talking about asking her to make sure you eat breakfast on the day of your wedding. But other tasks can include her helping you go to the bathroom, which is a real struggle, I’ve heard!

Learning about these tips from my friends has made me more and more excited about my own wedding! I definitely don’t want to be incredibly stressed on that special day! What are some tips that you have? Have you tried any of these tips? Did they help?

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um if the last fiting is the day before your wedding what are you going to do if the dress doesn't fit

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