7 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Meaningful ...


7 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Meaningful ...
7 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Meaningful ...

It can be difficult to find ways to make your wedding more meaningful when you have limited styles of dresses and pools of colors to choose from. But there are things you can do to make certain parts of your wedding and the reception stand out. Here are seven ways to make your wedding more meaningful.

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Wishing Tree

Hearing the positive thoughts of others is always one of the great ways to make your wedding more meaningful. This doesn't necessarily have to be a tree, but you can cut a branch off of a tree and plant it in a pot if you want one for your reception. Lay out scraps of paper with little ribbons tied through them and let guests write wishes, tips, and advice on the paper, and then hang them on the tree for you. If you don't care about the tree part, get creative! It's fun to read them all after the honeymoon.


Signature Board

If you're artistic, bypass the guest book and create a guest board. Make a board that the guests can sign, something you can later frame and hang on your wall. If you feel extra fancy, paint something pertaining to your wedding on it like tree branches, swallows, or even a quote.


Photo Booth

These are becoming more and more popular. But instead of having goofy props, perhaps provide a classier approach with a nice backdrop, a dedicated photographer, and a nice photo that you can send to guests with a thank you note afterward to remind them how amazing your wedding was.


Embroider Something

It's always nice to thank those who have helped you by recognizing them in some way. It's typical to get the bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, but don't forget your parents and grandparents, as well as other close, special people in your life. Having a blanket embroidered for your mother, or a handkerchief for your father, is always a nice, meaningful gesture and something they can hold on to.


Keep It in the Family

If you have a family member who's good at making cakes, wedding cakes always taste better when they're made with love. Not only does it save money, but every bite will remind you of the time and effort that went into making your cake delicious. Usually anything made by someone close to you is better than store bought, as long as it's tasteful and not gaudy.


Have Someone Close to You Ordained

Some people prefer to be married traditionally. Others prefer a more unique approach. It can be really awesome to be married to your best friend by your other best friend or your family member. It's a commitment they have to make in order to become ordained, but with the way times are, it's pretty easy to do, and so worth it. Consider having a parent do this and marry you instead of a traditional minister.



It may be stressful, but those handmade invitations are so much cuter than the ones you saw online and you know it. Doing as much of your wedding by hand as possible saves money and makes memories. Years down the road, you won't regret how beautiful your photos are from all of the homemade decorations and favors. So put in the effort now, and enjoy it for years to come.

Finding ways to make your wedding more meaningful may seem complicated at first. Maybe you've had this dream since you were a little girl, but you want something to make your wedding stand out. Try one of these ideas and admire your hard work in the end. It's your big day: make the most of it!

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