7 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests ...


7 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests ...
7 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests ...

Your wedding day may very well be one of the happiest times of your life, and by focusing on a few fun ways to entertain your wedding guests, you can be sure they’ll have just as great a time, too. From creative slideshows to photo booths that perfectly capture your theme, these ideas are sure to keep your guests partying all throughout the night. Read on for a look at just seven great ways to entertain your wedding guests, and don’t forget to share a few of your own favorites, too!

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Photo Booth

By far one of the most popular ways to entertain your wedding guests is by having a photo booth available throughout your cocktail hour and reception. Along with being fun for guests of all ages, a photo booth is a great way to showcase your theme and personalities. Our snow-sport-loving friends, for instance, recently had a winter wonderland wedding where the photo booth came fully stocked with everything from snowboards to winter-weather hats and goggles. We all loved being able to snap a few silly shots of ourselves, and so did the bride and groom.


Creative Slideshows

Montages showcasing photos of the bride and groom are always a popular choice, but thanks to the photo-sharing app Wedding Snap, your guests can now also enjoy seeing their own photos of your wedding displayed live on-screen throughout the reception. As guests use the Wedding Snap app to instantly upload their photos to your personalized wedding album in real-time, a team of professional slideshow moderators virtually reviews all of the images to make sure they are appropriate. Planning an anniversary dance? At our own wedding, my husband and I included a slideshow showing off a collection of our married guests’ wedding portraits, which had been gathered and compiled in advance. Everyone loved it so much that we even got requests to replay the show a second time!


Song or Dance Competition

For guests who crave the spotlight, there’s nothing quite like a friendly song and dance competition to stir up a little extra fun during the reception. Even though my husband and I didn’t end up hosting a sing-along or dance-off, our DJ did share with us some hilarious stories about his past experiences pitting the guys against the girls or the bride against the groom. Think this is something your own guests might enjoy? Talk with your DJ about how to best make it work, and keep in mind that even if things don’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped, everyone is still sure to enjoy plenty of laughs along the way!


Group Tastings

Add a fun twist to your cocktail hour and entertain your guests at the same time by arranging a group tasting involving wine, chocolate, flavored popcorn or anything else that strikes your fancy! Pairing wines with complementary cheeses and appetizers is definitely a tried-and-true option, while arranging a tasting involving your personalized signature drinks is sure to add yet another unique element of fun. Stumped on signature drink ideas? Talk with your caterer about ways you can whip up a tasty concoction that’s all your own.


Trivia Games

From mad libs to crossword puzzles, games are an excellent way to keep your guests entertained during dinner hour and also encourage them to chat with others as they try to come up with the right answers to questions about the two of you. Just don’t forget to set aside time to announce the answers later on in the evening and, if you want to, hand out some small prizes or special favors to those who get the most answers right.


Butterfly Release

Looking for a beautiful way to end your ceremony? Arranging a butterfly release is a great way to get your guests involved and leave everyone smiling. Some couples even include special touches like the playing of a meaningful song or the reading of a favorite poem before or during the release, so get creative and think about ways you can personalize this portion of the celebration.


Grand Exit

Whether they’re waving sparklers, blowing bubbles or tossing petals, allowing your guests to take part in your grand exit is one final way to get them involved and add a little extra excitement. In addition to the three ideas I already mentioned, other fun grand exit options include handing out streamers, poppers, noisemakers or tambourines. Choose your favorite, and get ready to say goodbye in style!

As you can see, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to entertain your wedding guests from start to finish all night long. What are some other ideas you love that aren’t already listed here? Are you planning to give any of these a try during your own wedding?

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