10 Fun Monogrammed Wedding Items ...


10 Fun Monogrammed Wedding Items ...
10 Fun Monogrammed Wedding Items ...

From tote bags to aisle runners and garters, there are plenty of creative monogrammed wedding items to help you personalize your day. Thinking about adding a few customized items to your own celebration? While the possibilities are practically endless, here are 10 monogrammed wedding items I especially love.

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Veil There’s nothing lovelier than a monogrammed veil to add an extra touch of beauty to your bridal look. The intricate design is also sure to look gorgeous in pictures, making it by far one of the best monogrammed wedding items you can choose. While white monograms are always popular, you can also consider having one done in another shade that matches your color scheme.



Parasol Along with making for some amazing photos, monogrammed parasols are just plain fun to carry around and show off! Like the idea of toting a custom parasol, but prefer to have yours printed with something other than a monogram? You can also get parasols that say things like “Love,” “Just Married,” “Thank You” and more, so shop around and choose the wording and design you like best. At outdoor weddings, parasols are now a trendy alternative to traditional bridesmaid bouquets, too.



Cake Give your cake a creative twist by adding a monogram to one of the tiers or choosing monogrammed letters for your cake topper. Serving cupcakes instead? Monogrammed cupcake toppers are a fun addition.


Welcome Bag

Welcome Bag If you’re planning to give out wedding welcome bags, consider creating customized totes that show off everything from your monogram to graphics or sayings that represent your wedding locale. Even if you aren’t handing out welcome bags, totes can also make great gifts for relatives and the members of your wedding party.



Garter With so many styles to choose from, wedding garters are getting more creative all the time. Don’t you just love this monogrammed design featuring green embroidery and peacock feathers? Blue embroidery is also a popular choice for brides hoping to make the garter their “something blue.”


Aisle Runner

Aisle Runner In addition to lining the path with flower petals, you can make your walk down the aisle even more special by showing off a custom runner featuring your names, wedding date and monogram. Keep it simple by choosing a white runner with subtle touches of color, or go bold by choosing a runner in a bright shade that matches your color scheme.



Favors Help make favors more unique by adding your monogram when giving out items like wine glasses, miniature candles or koozies, or by simply attaching a ribbon or card tag featuring the design. Yet another fun idea is to package favors in a box or bag that displays your monogram.


Paper Goods

Paper Goods Show off your monogram throughout the day and evening by adding it to paper goods like your menu cards, cocktail napkins and programs. While you may feel that including your monogram in too many places is overkill, choosing a couple key spots to showcase it can help give off a cohesive vibe.


Card Box

Card Box Customized card boxes continue to be a hit with couples, and I absolutely love monogrammed styles like this wooden shabby chic case. As with many of the other monogrammed items already mentioned, there are numerous style and design options available, making it fun and easy to pick one that suits your theme.


GOBO Lighting

GOBO Lighting Finally, for couples planning to have special lighting during the reception, displaying your monogram on the wall or floor is definitely a great idea. As a unique twist, I’ve also seen monogrammed stick-on dance floor decals that add a fun touch without the expense.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my most loved monogrammed wedding items, head on over to a site like Etsy to start picking out your own favorites. Which wedding items are you planning to monogram?

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Great list! The veil and cake are gorgeous!! Now I wish I had my veil monogrammed! ;)

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