7 Great Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding ...


7 Great Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding ...
7 Great Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding ...

While the thought of getting married far from home can understandably be a bit daunting at first, there are actually many great reasons to plan a destination wedding. Currently weighing the pros and cons? Check out these seven key reasons to plan a destination wedding that both you and your guests will never forget.

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Tie the Knot in Paradise

Of course, one of the best reasons to plan a destination wedding is to tie the knot in your personal paradise, whether that means a tropical beach in Hawaii, a snowcapped mountaintop in the Rockies, a luxurious Tuscan resort in Italy or any other type of beautiful locale you can possibly imagine. Choosing a destination venue allows you to personalize your wedding style and theme to best reflect you and your partner, while guests who can spare the time and expense will also enjoy the chance to travel to a new and exciting location.


Choose Your Dream Venue

While options for choosing a venue in your hometown may be somewhat limited by things like the seasonal climate and your budget, planning a destination wedding opens up a world of additional possibilities. Hoping to host a seaside affair during the winter months? Have your heart set on vineyard nuptials, but can’t seem to find the perfect affordable site in your area? Being open to destination locales makes it all the more likely to find a venue you love that’s available during an ideal time of year at a price point you’re comfortable with.


Have a Small and Intimate Celebration

Dreaming of a 300-person fete? A destination wedding may not be the best choice for you, since not everyone can spare the time and expense required to attend. On the other hand, planning a destination wedding is the perfect way to arrange a small and intimate celebration where you’ll easily be able to mingle with all of your guests. Just be sure to check with close family members and friends you absolutely want to be there, including parents, grandparents, siblings and your desired wedding party members, before finalizing any details.


Give Guests a Full Weekend of Fun

Yet another great thing about destination weddings is the ability to plan an entire weekend or more of fun for you and your guests. Since many people who travel to a destination wedding make a longer vacation out of the trip, it’s the ultimate opportunity to keep the good times rolling both before and after you walk down the aisle with events like group excursions, a welcome party, a farewell brunch and more. At my sister-in-law’s Hawaiian wedding, for example, guests who arrived a couple days ahead of time loved taking part in fun activities like a night snorkel and 4th of July BBQ.


Streamline Your Planning

While being far from your wedding location can certainly limit the number of times you’re able to visit the site and meet in person with local vendors, venue employees who specialize in destination event packages are usually well prepared to deal with the unique challenges that come with planning this type of affair. When my sister-in-law recently planned her destination wedding, staff members at the Hawaiian resort she and her fiancé chose were incredibly helpful every step of the way, connecting her with excellent vendors and truly going above and beyond to simplify things as much as possible. As with any type of wedding, just be sure to do plenty of research ahead of time and choose a venue with staff members you can rely upon to be professional, trustworthy and communicative throughout the planning process.


Enjoy a Built-in Honeymoon

The wedding may be over, but your honeymoon is just getting started! Hosting your event at a destination hotel or resort makes it incredibly simple to honeymoon in paradise afterward, while other fun ideas include setting off on a road trip to explore the area or even hopping aboard a cruise ship that’s heading out from a nearby port.


Celebrate Your Anniversary or Renew Your Vows

Along with being a great choice for weddings, destination locales are also popular for vow renewals and special anniversary trips later on, whether you want to return to the exact same venue or choose another one you love. A friend who had a beautiful destination wedding several years ago, for instance, plans to return every five years with her husband to celebrate their anniversary in a special place.

What are some of your own favorite reasons to plan a destination wedding? Where will you be tying the knot?

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Destination weddings

The only downside is that not all ur important loved ones may be able to go for financial reason :(

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