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9 Ways to Avoid Post-wedding Blues ...

By Cassandra

Being hit with a streak of sadness after getting hitched is common for many brides, which is why it is imperative that you pay attention to these ways to avoid post-wedding blues. “Time Magazine” contributor Jeninne Lee-St. John once stated that “The blues typically hit early in married life, psychiatrists say, as newlyweds begin recognizing that expectations of how their partner or relationship will change post-wedding are unrealistic. Worse, once the Big Day has come and gone, couples are forced to step out of their much-cherished and often long-lived 'bride and groom' spotlight and just get on with real life.” With these statements in mind, take a look at these surefire ways to avoid post-wedding blues after the planning stages are over.

Table of contents:

  1. Perspective
  2. Time
  3. Keepsakes
  4. Party
  5. Friends
  6. Getaways
  7. Relax
  8. Discuss
  9. You

1 Perspective

First and foremost, one of the best ways to avoid post-wedding blues is by putting everything into perspective. While it may have been fun (as well as incredibly stressful) planning the days leading up to your miraculous event, the reality is that the ceremony can't last forever. This thought should not frighten you; it should make you more determined to make the love between you and your partner last! Focus on the overall point of the day.

2 Time

Give yourselves time to adjust to your newfound status as a married couple. Plan to spend time together after the honeymoon is over; planning outings (such as date nights) is a great way to keep the magic alive. Once your day as the bride and groom has passed, get ready to celebrate what is really important: Your marriage.

3 Keepsakes

What greater way is there to preserve the memory of your big day than by saving key elements from your nuptials? I would plan to save at least one copy of your invitations and save-the-date cards, leftover decorations, wedding favors and the guest book. This will give you a chance to look back on your day in the future and reminisce over the successful ceremony celebrating your love.

4 Party

I think that there is always a reason to throw a fabulous party. There is no better excuse than having a social gathering as a way to cheer you up. A celebration is an excellent way to get you to de-stress and put your worries on the back-burner for the time being.

5 Friends

This next idea ties in with the previous point. Being surrounded by your loved ones will help show that there is a reason why you deserve all of the love in the world. Plan a day where you will hang out with your best supportive pals; this will serve as a great reminder of why you treasure their friendship.

6 Getaways

In regard to getaways, there is nothing wrong with wanting more time to get used to tying the knot with your lovely partner. Taking a small vacation can do wonders for your relationship. It can help you re-evaluate all of the stress surrounding your post-wedding state.

7 Relax

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to relax, whether it is alone or in the company of your partner. If you need to work up the courage to tell your partner, try to at least write down how you are feeling; no one else has to see it until you are ready to share. Just make sure to give yourself a chance to unwind from any daily stressors.

8 Discuss

When you feel that you are ready, you may want to sit down and talk to your partner about the process that you are going through. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts; it is more than likely that you are not alone in this feeling. Allowing yourself to become comfortable enough to discuss this with your partner will help with the overall healing process.

9 You

Don't become so stuck in feelings of sorrow that you forget about one of the most important elements of your marriage: Yourself. One of the most vital steps to avoiding post-wedding blues is making sure that you are doing everything in your power to take care of yourself. How can you expect yourself to become accustomed to caring about the well-being of another person if you are not able to show any concern for yourself? Lastly, you have to love yourself for every fault before you can love someone else for their own. Don't ever beat yourself up for feeling a certain way; love who you are.

The most important thing to remember is that feeling a little down after your wedding ends does not make you a terrible person; it is a part of human nature to feel nervous at the prospect of moving forward. Trust me when I say that you are not alone in this feeling! How did you combat post-wedding blues?

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