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7 Tips for Finding the Best Wedding Rings for Your Budget ...

By Roman

Weddings are a wonderful occasion but budget constraints can really get in the way of your happiness. Guest contributor Roman, shares his tips on how to pick wedding rings that are beautiful and budget friendly!

Whether you’re shopping for wedding rings for him or her, it’s important that you find the best wedding rings in your price range. Because there are so many materials, styles, prices, and even carats, to choose from, shopping for a wedding ring can be confusing and time consuming, if you go into it without knowing what you want first.

Choosing the best wedding rings in your price range should involve knowing what kind of rings you are looking for, how much you plan to spend on your wedding rings, whether you’re looking for matching rings, and even what material and stone you want the ring to consist of.

1 Set Your Budget

Your budget will help you to find the best wedding rings that you can afford. Whilst you don’t have to set a bottom limit, it’s very important that you set an upper limit as to what you can afford. Most online wedding ring sites will allow you to search for wedding rings with a minimum and maximum price, so you can easily see the best wedding rings you can afford. If you go into a store, you can simply ask the jeweler to show you wedding rings within your price range.

2 Consider Your Lifestyle

This important consideration goes with «Choose a Material». Specific metal type wedding rings are better for certain activities and lifestyles than others. For example, if you are very active on a daily basis, and your hands are constantly coming into contact with surfaces that could scratch your ring, tungsten and cobalt rings would be your best choice as these rings can take all the abuse that you throw at them and show little to no signs of scratching. It is also extremely difficult to chip or break these rings. The other very popular metal choices, gold and platinum, do scratch fairly easily. Therefore, these are not wise choices for people with active lifestyles.


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3 Choose a Material

Wedding rings are made of various different materials and the best wedding rings for you could be any of them. The most popular material is white gold, and more and more wedding rings nowadays are made of this. On the other hand, silver and titanium are a great deal cheaper. There are pros and cons to each different metal so make sure you research what you want before you decide to look for a ring.

4 Allergies to Some Metals

There are a growing number of people who are allergic to some metals. This is typically seen in reactions to gold. If you have ever worn any piece of jewelry made from gold and had some type of reaction on your skin, there are some great metal choices that address this. Hypoallergenic wedding rings include platinum, palladium, tungsten, titanium and cobalt (some people are also allergic to cobalt). Palladium is a great choice for people who like white metals but cannot afford platinum. It has the same look as platinum at a similar cost to 14K gold.

5 Select a Stone

The stone is another thing that you should consider when looking for the best wedding rings. Did you know that while diamonds are the most popular, wedding rings with birthstones are also very fashionable? You can also chose a wedding ring with no stone, for a very simple but elegant look. Popular stones include diamonds, which are the most expensive, cubic zirconia, which is very cheap, but less valuable, and various birthstones including moonstone, diamond, amethyst and more. Choosing the right stone can help you find the best wedding rings without spending hours going through ring choices.

6 Shop Online or Shop at Bricks and Mortar Stores

Shopping in a bricks and mortar store still has some important advantages over shopping online. By shopping in person, you can enlist the assistance of a salesperson to help you chose your rings and most importantly, ensure that your ring size is properly measured. If you will be shopping online, you must already know your ring size. Then, if the ring you order does not fit properly, can you easily exchange the ring for the correct size? And if after seeing the ring in person, you don’t like the ring, can you return it for a full credit? As attractive as the prices are in online stores, there are advantages to shopping in bricks and mortar stores.

7 Compare Prices

The last step to finding the best wedding rings for your budget is to compare prices. Either shop online and save links to anything you like, or look around and remember which pieces you like. Compare the prices to your favorite models, to get a great deal on the best wedding rings out there! While a lot of jewelry stores won’t have duplicate rings, they will have very similar options that you can compare and choose from. Remember that there are thousands of options, so it can save you time to narrow down your choices by budget, material, stone, and even design.

Finally, good luck and have fun shopping for those rings.

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