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There are so many different types of weddings you should consider before making your final decision on what kind of wedding you would like to have. These are 7 of the most popular types of weddings. There is something for everyone on this list. You can make each of these types of weddings very unique with your own personal flair and style.

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Ballroom A ballroom wedding is an indoor wedding, usually at a beautiful location. It is usually in a ballroom, a hotel or some sort of beautifully decorated indoor location. People choose this choice from the list of the different types of weddings for many reasons. They may not have the other options available or may live in a location where an outdoor wedding is not possible. There may just be a very pretty location they have dreamed of for a ballroom wedding.



Many a bride has dreamed of having a beachfront wedding. Their fantasies usually include walking barefoot on the beach with a beautiful flowing wedding dress on. I can certainly see the beauty in this choice. The beach is a location I have a special love for. The sound of the waves crashing is all the music you really need.



Barn Surprisingly, barn or country and western themed weddings have really risen in popularity in the last few years. It may be because this is a relatively economical way to have a wedding that still is a lot of fun and makes wonderful memories. One of the cutest things about this wedding is that usually the bride and groom are sporting cowboy boots. For this type of wedding, you simply find a barn that suits your purposes and decorate accordingly. Many couples that live in a rural area are choosing this option because it suits their lifestyle and country living interests.



The traditional church wedding is yet another option. There are many beautiful churches that a wedding can be held in, which is one reason that couples choose this type of wedding. But another reason people may choose this reason is their personal religious beliefs. Regardless, it can have a very romantic flair to it just as all of the other options. It also makes the backdrop for beautiful wedding pictures.



Destination wedding is a relatively new term in wedding terminology that is quickly gaining popularity. Simply put, a destination wedding is when a couple chooses a location of their dreams to be married in and travels there to have their wedding. They invite friends and family to accompany them. It can be absolutely wonderful and allow the couple to have their wedding in the location they have longed for. On the flip side, it is not always the most economical choice for a wedding if that is a consideration for you.



Loft A loft wedding is exactly what it says it is, a wedding that takes place in a loft. Generally, these are weddings that are held in bigger cities that have this option available. These can be absolutely lovely weddings and often have a spectacular view as they are held in the top of a building. This is another option that a couple can choose for their wedding location. It is a very unique choice.



Outdoor There are also many options if you want to have your wedding outdoors. Outdoor weddings make absolutely beautiful photographs. You can do so many different things if you want to have an outdoor wedding. You can use a gazebo, an archway or many other types of settings to enhance your wedding décor. One factor you do have to consider is dealing with possible uncooperative weather if you choose this option.

Just like each couple is unique, each wedding should and can be unique with these different options in locations. Have you decided on your wedding location? I would love to hear about your choices and thoughts on this subject!

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ballroom is sooo classy!

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