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Before planning a wedding, you may think that planning the event will be fun. Soon you'll discover that there are certain things that make it rather stressful. To avoid situations where you’ll end up wishing it was all over, it’s best to ask yourself and your fiancé some questions prior to starting organizing the day. Take a look at these questions to ask yourself before planning a wedding.

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What is Our Budget?

This might be the single most important question to ask before planning a wedding. Not having a budget is very dangerous, as you’ll likely end up organizing your dream wedding and spending a fortune. Talk to your fiancé about what you have in mind and try to meet somewhere in the middle. Try to avoid putting away all your money for the wedding, as you still want to live comfortably in the months before.


Where do We Get Married?

Deciding on where to get married can sometimes be difficult, especially if you both live far from family. When it’s time to make your decision, there are a few things to take into account, like costs of venues in the area, convenience and scenery. Convenience can be especially important for guests. Maybe you have elderly family members, for whom it’s difficult to travel to the other side of the country. This may be a reason to plan your wedding close to your family’s home.


Will It Be a Big or Small Wedding?

Will you only invite family and close friends? Or are you planning to invite acquaintances as well? It's something many couples argue about, and so it’s important to discuss this before looking at venues. Additionally, make sure you know your definitions of a big and small wedding, as these can differ per person. Defining your big or small wedding will help you set up your guest list and will also help in your search for a venue.


When do We Get Married?

The month in which you want to get married can affect the costs, so don’t only take the season into account. Other things that can be potential deal breakers are holidays and big events. For example, you want to avoid things like the Super Bowl, Easter weekend and Mother’s Day. Before setting your date in stone, always double check to see if there’s nothing going on that could potentially affect your wedding.


Will It Be Casual or Formal?

Having your mind set on a casual or formal wedding can affect the venue you’ll choose, so discussing this with your fiancé is a smart thing to do. Like for the big or small wedding, define what’s casual and formal to you to avoid misunderstandings. Avoiding misunderstandings in organizing a wedding is key to reduce stress.


Who Will Be Your Maid of Honor?

It’s not easy, especially if you have a best friend, but also sisters you are close with. Don’t feel rushed. Take your time going over the pros and cons, and you could even write it down if that feels right for you. Your maid of honor should be someone you feel close with, someone you trust and who accepts you for who you are. Also, you don’t want a maid of honor to interfere with the arrangements of the wedding too much.


Will It Be a Traditional Wedding?

More and more people choose to not have a traditional wedding, so it’s definitely worth speaking to your fiancé about it. Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose between traditional and non-traditional. It’s your wedding, so you can use elements from both to make your wedding unique in every way.

It helps to go through these questions with your fiancé before you start planning the wedding. It not only avoids misunderstandings,but it also saves time, as with these answers you’ll search for specific elements when choosing your vendors. Planning a wedding is fun, but communication goes a long way. Do you have these questions answered by now?

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