8 Invitation Designs to Suit Your Wedding Theme ...

Choosing the right wedding invitation can be confusing given the insane number of options out there! Guest contributor Kristi Charter shares some tips on how you can pick the perfect wedding invitation for your theme.

Your wedding invitation truly does give your guests their first glimpse into your wedding day. The design you select for your invitation will set the tone and the expectation your guests will have for your wedding dΓ©cor and styling. This means that it is important to represent the theme of your wedding through your invitations design. To help, I’ve broken down invitation styles that will suit your wedding theme.

1. Rustic

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Rustic wedding invitations are all about depicting that shabby chic, DIY style. Craft, texturized paper and cream white doilies epitomise the essence of a rustic styled wedding. Elements of burlap, twine and lace are also extremely common.

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