7 Bridal Emergencies to Be Prepared for on Your Wedding Day ...


Bridal emergencies can happen despite your best planning. It is wise to be prepared for them when they occur. It is much easier to deal with bridal emergencies when you have planned for the possibility of them. These are 7 of the most common ones you may encounter.

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Chipped or Broken Nails

Chipped or broken nails are not a catastrophe on a normal day. On your wedding day however, it is no small matter. You don’t want anything to mess up your perfect look. One way you can prepare for bridal emergencies concerning nails is to have the nail polish color you are wearing on hand to fix any chips. If you are wearing fake nails, have some on hand to replace one that may have broken.


A Tear in the Dress

A tear in your wedding dress is something that would send most women into a panic. Of course you want to be very careful to avoid this happening. But if it does, it is best to have a sewing kit on hand to repair the damage. If you are not good with repairing clothing, have someone in mind you can call on or pull from your wedding party to help you quickly. A friend that sews is certainly worthwhile to have in this situation.


A Headache

A headache on your wedding day is one of the worst bridal emergencies you can have. There is no immediate fix. However, there are things that you can do to help it improve. If you haven’t eaten because of busyness in preparing or nerves, have a snack. Popping some pain relievers and having a caffeinated beverage can help, too.


Your Feet Hurt

Painful feet are no fun at all. Unfortunately, this can happen when you wear uncomfortable new shoes like many shoes for weddings are. Have some band aids on hand to cover any blisters that are starting. It is much easier to deal with the damage of painful shoes early on rather than letting blisters get terrible before you treat them. Another option is to not put your shoes on until the last possible moment.


Your Hair Isn’t Holding up

This one is a bride’s worst nightmare. Your hair, which you spent so many hours deciding how to wear for your wedding, will not stay put. To be prepared for this bridal emergency, have lots of extra bobby pins and hairspray on hand. Additionally, be sure to follow your hairdresser’s instructions carefully. If they ask you to come with dirty hair, listen to them. There is a reason.


You Forgot to Eat Breakfast

Sometimes you can forget to eat regularly on days that are as crazy and busy as your wedding day is. It may also be that you are just too nervous to eat. It really is important to eat for many reasons. If you just can’t eat, at least have a snack on hand for later on. Another option is to have a smoothie which gives you nutrients in a liquid form.


A Case of Nerves

You know, getting married is a big deal. It only makes sense that you may have an attack of nerves on your wedding day. If this happens to you, silently remind yourself of all of the wonderful things about the person you are marrying. Another option is to talk to someone who you always find calming. This may be your maid of honor, your mom or someone else you know and love.

These are 7 bridal emergencies it is possible to encounter on your wedding day. Being prepared for them can be very helpful. What bridal emergencies are you afraid will happen to you?

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Band- aid makes a kind of balm in stick form you can put on your feet where blisters develop to prevent them. It works!

Great article.

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