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Wedding checklists are something that will carry you through your entire wedding season. It is the way to keep you organized and make sure that no detail slips by you. There is a lot to keep track of when you are planning a wedding. These are some of the most important wedding checklists that you can make.

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Guest List

It is very important to have wedding checklists, especially for your guest list. The guest list is very important. Unless you have a wedding checklist to keep you on track, it is very easy to leave someone out that you want at your big day. A wedding checklist will keep you on track about who you want to invite, what invitations have been sent and which ones still need to be sent. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing all your guests have been invited.


Food Planning

Food planning is another subject that needs a wedding checklist. It helps you to stay organized in this department. You can keep a running list of ideas for the menu you would like to have. You can also jot down any questions you have for the caterer as they come to mind. You can also include drinks and your cake in this list.


Photography Poses

For the best wedding pictures, you need to do your homework beforehand. Look at the wedding pictures of others. Make a list of the poses that you love. You want to embrace your photographer’s unique creativity but you also want to give them some direction on the poses that you love. This will help make sure that you have wedding photos you love for years to come.


Gift Registry

It is a good idea to give some thought to your gift registry before you actually go register. Without thinking about it beforehand, you may find yourself just registering for anything. This will be a decision you regret later. Take time to make a wedding checklist of the things you would like to register for. Make sure you consider if they are items you would really use.


Potential Wedding Songs

Deciding on songs for your wedding is a big job. It can be helpful to keep a wedding checklist of all of the wedding songs you are considering. You can eliminate some of them later. Having a good selection to choose from will give you and your groom a good starting point. You could even encourage him to keep his own list of potential wedding songs.


Honeymoon Planning

Planning for your honeymoon shouldn’t be quite as detailed as planning for your wedding but there are still many details that you need to remember. You may want to keep a list of things to take care of for your honeymoon. It would contain notes about making sure you've got your plane tickets, confirmation of your hotel room and things you think you would be likely to forget. This will help you to stay organized for your honeymoon in the midst of wedding planning.


The Easily Forgotten Details

This may be your most important list. There are so many things that you worry you will forget on your wedding day. Make a list of the things you have that concern over. Usually these are the small details that are actually a big deal. It might be things like remembering to pack your lipstick or call the photographer for one last question.

Making wedding checklists will help you to have less to worry about. What are some of the wedding checklists you are making? Share your story with us.

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