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Creating your wedding guest list is perhaps the most stressful thing about planning a wedding. Apart from your budget and the size of the venue, you also have to take people’s feelings into account, including your own. Whether you like it or not, you may have to deal with a few angry looks here and there. When creating your wedding guest list, asking yourself these questions might help to make decisions.

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How Many Guests Can I Invite?

There are a few reasons why this question is so important when creating your wedding guest list. One of them is because you pay for your guests. If you can’t afford more than 100 guests, simply stick to that number. Another reason is that your venue may only cater to a certain amount of guests.


Is the Person a Close Relative or a Close Friend?

If the answer is yes, you should probably not doubt to include them on wedding guest list. However, you and your fiancé may have decided to invite family only, meaning friends won’t make it to the list after all. If you’re inviting close friends only, make sure to define what a close friend is to both you and your future husband.


Am I Inviting Co-Workers?

For some it’s a no-go, while others have built friendships with their co-workers, making it difficult to decide whether to invite them or not. When inviting your co-workers, it’s best to either do it good or not do it at all. If you’re not able to invite every co-worker you’re friends with, then perhaps it’s best to leave it all together.


Are Children Invited?

It’s important to think about whether you invite children, since you may have to cater to them by offering kids food and entertainment. If you’re close to your nieces and nephews, but are not exactly keen on having your friends’ kids there, you could choose to invite family’s kids only.


Do Singles Get a +1?

This is a difficult one. You don’t want singles to feel alone at your wedding, but being on a budget, you don’t want to pay for dates that you don’t know personally or who may just be a fling. Apart from paying foods and drinks for these people, a wedding is also a private occasion that you might just want to share with those you love.


Will You Have Back-up Guests?

People who have not made it to the initial guest list, could be a back-up guest. There will always be people who won’t be able to attend your wedding. Although this is unfortunate, it may give you some room to invite back-up guests instead.


Who Will Be There for the Ceremony?

The ceremony is an intimate occasion and some couples prefer to share it with only those who are closest to them. When you have a list of all the guests you’ll be inviting, it’s time to decide on who will be invited for which part of the day.

Decisions, decisions… They’re not easy to make, especially when it comes to the most special day of your life. Just remember, you’re going to hurt someone’s feelings no matter what. The most important thing is to not let it affect you in any way. Share your tips with me on how to create a wedding guest list.

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I'd feel insulted if I found out I was a B-list guest who was only invited because someone else couldn't come.

It's pretty awful to suggest to have some people invited to the ceremony and reception and then some invited to only the reception. The entire part of a wedding is the ceremony, not the stupid party afterwards. If someone were to invite me to just their reception I'd be insulted as it would feel like a grab for more gifts.

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