7 Ways to Have a Charming Coastal Wedding ...


Planning on having a beach wedding? Check out KC Dermody's tips on how to do it right.

Saying your vows in a beautiful beach setting with the sounds of the crashing waves and the smell of the salty air sounds like magic, doesn't it? To ensure that your special day is all that you'd hoped it would be, follow these tips.

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Select a Dress Tailor-Made for the Seaside

One of the keys to a successful beach wedding is appropriate attire. This is not the time for a long gown with a flowing train, as it will not only look out of place, but it's just not conducive for walking across the sand. Think light and simple, and avoid dresses with lace trim as they tend to pick up debris from the sand, says wedding planning expert Kate Bentley. A dress made from lightweight material such as chiffon is ideal. Avoid veils, and consider a beautiful headpiece instead.


Remind Attendees about Guest Attire

You should also prepare your guests by letting them know that beach attire is advised. Wearing heels to the beach is just not going to work, so let them know that sandals and flip-flops are fine, and even encouraged. If you don't plan on having a large wedding with a long guest list, you may even want to give out flip-flops as part of the wedding favors. Remind your guests to bring sunglasses as well. Suggesting to bring replacement lenses just in case is always a good idea too.


Create First-Aid Goodie Bags

Put together first-aid goodie bags that will help ensure the safety and protection of your guests from the sun as well as insects. You may want to include things like a water bottle along with a sample-size of sunscreen and bug spray. Throw in a little something from the local area too, like tropical snacks or even a refrigerator magnet.


Provide Shade to Guests

Even with sunglasses and sunscreen, shade is a necessity for preventing guests from becoming ill or even passing out due to heat stroke, which is not uncommon on very hot days, and not a situation you will want to deal with on your big day. You could provide parasols or create a canopy to cover the seating area to keep all guests cool.


Have a Solid Seating Plan

Typical beach chairs are often too lightweight to withstand a strong ocean breeze, so if you plan to have seating, consider wooden benches or sturdy folding chairs. Keep in mind that if you are on soft sand, chairs can sink into the sand, so you may need to place some type of flooring on top to prevent that. However, if it's a short ceremony, seating may not even be necessary.


Use Beach-Friendly Decor

The beach and shimmering ocean already play a part in the wedding decor, so you don't want to overwhelm the natural setting by adding unnecessary decorations. Keep it simple, such as an arch to stand underneath. If you do choose to add something, consider colors that contrast the sand and sea rather than blend in.


Have the Perfect Playlist

Most weddings have music, but holding the ceremony at the beach can make it difficult, particularly if you don't have access to electricity. If you'd like to have live music, consider a classic guitarist, harpist or violinist, or just enjoy the natural sounds of your spectacular setting.

Would you consider a beach wedding? Do you have any more pointers to share?

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