7 Social Media Tips to Help You Be a Good Wedding Guest ...


Believe it or not, there are certain social media tips that you should follow as a wedding guest. Read guest contributor Maria Springs' post to know exactly what these are...

In our social media-driven world, we want to share our most memorable moments with our Facebook friends and Twitter followers. But when it's not your moment, how do you handle the check-ins and hashtags? It's exciting when a good friend is getting married, and you may want to share your love and support online. But before you do, make sure you're following the proper social media etiquette for your friend's special day.

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When She Gets Engaged

When your friend is first engaged, she may send out a picture of the ring or text everyone in her contacts with an ecstatic " We're engaged!" message. But, even if everyone knows,don't post any congratulations or photos until the future bride and groom first share the news on social media. If there is a reason they are waiting, you don't want to be the one to spill the beans and ruin their surprise. But when they make an official announcement online, go nuts with all the likes and retweets you want.


In the Planning Stages

Whether you're in the wedding or not, don't publicly announce any wedding plans that you know of. The bride may not have made up her mind about a date or venue, and posting about it may confuse guests. Too many wedding-plan posts and pictures might be annoying or even offend people who aren't invited to the ceremony. As national etiquette expert Diane Gottsman said in her Huffington Post blog, don't kill the excitement.


About the Dress

Short and sweet: Never post a pic of the dress without the bride's express permission. The only exemption to this rule is once you get well past item #6 on this list.


When Things Kick off

When you get to the wedding, you may want to immediately start taking photos or checking in on Facebook. Don't just yet;many couples will announce social cues on signs or in the program, such as a designating a wedding hashtag or asking not to take photos during the ceremony.


During the Ceremony & Reception

If you're taking photos during the ceremony and reception, don't use a large, view-blocking tablet or an obnoxious flash. Many newer smartphones can take high-quality photos without interfering with wedding activities.


Let the Couple Post First (if They Want)

According to the 2014 David's Bridal "What's on brides' minds" survey, 58 percent of brides said the bride and groom should be the first ones to share photos from the wedding, and 32 percent said they don't want videos posted to YouTube. Above all, think before you post and respect the couple's wishes. Plus, you might miss some great moments if you are on your phone the whole time. Experience the wedding firsthand, not from behind your phone.


Follow Social Suit

Take a cue from the couple and what they want for their wedding. They may be excited to have someone post on their behalf. Some couples even opt to hire a social media coordinator for a few thousand dollars. But there are also couples who don't want any social coverage or photos posted. It's not an insult to guests but a personal preference. If you have any doubt of what's appropriate, ask the bride or groom what they would prefer. They'll appreciate it, and you won't be responsible for any social media blunders on their big day.

Do you have any more social media tips to share? Do tell.

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