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7 Reasons to Choose a Christmas Wedding ...

By Alicia

There are many wonderful reasons to choose a Christmas wedding. When to have your wedding is a personal decision and only you know what feels right for you and your fiancé. Weddings can be beautiful at any time of year and there are points in favor of each season. These are some reasons to choose a Christmas wedding that you might consider.

1 Christmas is Always Beautiful

Christmas is Always BeautifulOne of the reasons to choose a Christmas wedding is that it’s a beautiful time of year. You have the beauty of new snowfalls and the loveliness of winter just setting in, at least if you live in an area that gets snow. Christmas decorations can add to this beauty. The setting is already lovely. Having a wedding at this time of year is a way to make the most of that beauty.

2 It’s Your Favorite Season or Holiday

It’s Your Favorite Season or HolidayChristmas may be your favorite season. If that’s the case, it may feel like it fits to have a Christmas wedding. You’re enjoying your favorite season and having a wedding at this time is the perfect way to enjoy it even more. You can’t imagine a more perfect time to get married. It’s a perfect way to capture the magic of Christmas.

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3 You Automatically Have a Decorating Theme

You Automatically Have a Decorating ThemeHaving your wedding at Christmas automatically gives you a great decorating theme to work with. You can actually go several different ways with a Christmas decorating theme. You can have snowmen, gingerbread men, angels or just Christmas trees decorated all in white. There are a lot of options to choose from within a Christmas decorating theme. You can make it as playful or as elegant as you like.

4 It’s a Happy Time of Year

It’s a Happy Time of YearChristmas is a happy time of year. This makes it a great time to have a wedding. Everyone is already in a festive, holiday mood. They come to your wedding ready to celebrate you and the season. The Christmas spirit spills over into your wedding.

5 The Menu Can Be a Lot of Fun

The Menu Can Be a Lot of FunYou can have a lot of fun with the menu you decide to serve at your Christmas wedding. You could choose to serve traditional holiday foods. You could also combine the foods your family always served at Christmas and those your fiancé’s family always served to make up your menu. That is a nice symbol of your two families coming together. There are many different directions that you can go with this.

6 Rates May Be Lower

Rates May Be LowerThis is a practical reason but it’s still a good one to consider. Christmas is not the most common time of year for weddings, which means it’s also not the most common time for honeymoons. Both of those factors can work in your favor. They can help you to get lower rates on your wedding venue, honeymoon and more wedding related costs. You can really score some savings.

7 It’ll Make for Magical Anniversaries

It’ll Make for Magical AnniversariesGetting married at Christmas time can make for magical anniversaries for many years to come. You can have all the magic of the season while you celebrate your years of marriage. There are many romantic things to enjoy at Christmas, such as sleigh rides or dinners by the fireplace. It’s also possible that you could choose to give each other bigger gifts by combining both anniversary and Christmas gifts. You could even choose something to give each other to enjoy together, such as a vacation someplace tropical after the holidays.

Christmas can be a wonderful time to have your wedding. Have you set your wedding date yet? Are you considering having a Christmas wedding?

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