9 Ways to Cope with Rain on Your Wedding Day That Will Make the Weather No Issue ...


You can plan your wedding to the nth degree but one thing you cannot control is the weather. Having horrible weather is in no bride’s plans but there are ways to cope with rain on your wedding day. Include some contingency and your day will pass off with a climatic hitch.

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Matching Wellington Boots

If the weather forecast points very much towards rain on your wedding day, then be proactive and invest in matching his and hers wellington (rain or gum) boots to add a touch of appropriate but still fashionable attire to your wedding outfits. Your feet will be left warm and dry for the party later and you will still look great in all the photographs!


Research Your Photographer

Your wedding photos are arguably the most important you will ever take in your life, and for this reason it is vital that you do your research and hire a photographer who is skilled to tackle all types of weather. Just because it is raining it doesn’t mean that your wedding snaps have to be a disappointment.


Stylish Umbrellas

Much like the wellington boots, investing in a set of umbrellas that match your wedding outfits are an absolute must. After all the time and money spent on picking the perfect wedding dress, the thought of ruining it early on in the big day is a nightmare situation. Stay dry and remain beautiful with a glamorous rainproof parasol!


Waterproof Makeup

The world of wedding makeup is one full of almost too many choices, but for those marrying on a rainy day it is vital to stick with brands and products that you know are going to be able to handle the prospect of coming in to contact with a bit of drizzle. Nothing worse than a face full of running mascara as you walk down the aisle!


Be Flexible with Your Time

Getting married on a rainy day poses many problems, one of which being the unpredictability of the day’s weather patterns. If you can afford to be more flexible with your time on the big day, then you may be able to make the most of it and escape the worst showers of the day when taking pictures and other outdoor activities.


Bring Towels

It is a great idea to have a batch of towels in reserve to wipe off and dry up any specific locations that you want to be photographed at with your new husband or wife. Want a romantic shot of the new couple together on that horribly damp wooden bench? No problem, grab a towel and get to work!


Get Wedding Insurance

I know that weddings are almost unaffordable as it is, but investing in insurance for the big day when there might be bad weather anticipated is a sensible way to cover yourself should anything really bad happen. Should there be a worst case scenario such as a hurricane or storm, at least you can find comfort in the fact that you are covered.


Wear a Veil

Not only are veils are glamorous and beautiful addition to a wedding outfit, but they can also hide and cover a multitude of sins when it comes to a rainy big day. Not only will a veil make you look stunning, but it can also do wonders to save your makeup and your hair if the weather is not being your friend.


Trust Your Wedding Planner

Finally, trust your wedding planner! This may be your first (and hopefully only) wedding, but your expert wedding planner will have done this a million times before in all weathers and locations. Try not to lose sight of the big picture; just relax and let your wedding planner advise you in the best ways possible to face rain on your wedding day.

A bit of planning can go a long way. I know your bridal planner is probably chock full to bursting but don’t ignore the mercurial nature of the weather because it can unravel all those other things you did plan for. What are the chances of yucky weather for your big day?

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