The Day of Your Dreams with a Backyard Wedding ...


It might not be everybody’s ideal choice but before you dismiss it as an idea, you should consider the very good reasons to have a backyard wedding. A backyard wedding can be just as special as getting hitched in a fancy venue. Want to know why? Read on because there are far more reasons other than it’s just a heck of a lot cheaper.

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Select the Date That Suits You

The problem with booking a traditional venue is that dates are limited, what with people booking up years ahead of time. When you have a wedding in a backyard you have the freedom to choose the exact date you want. This is particularly good if you want to get married within a short timescale, as most good venues will not have space to hold a wedding so soon.


The Venue is Free!

Much of the cost of a wedding goes on the venue, so when you host the wedding in your own or a friend’s backyard you eliminate this cost. You might find that you need to spend a little on seating and tables, however this will hardly make a dent in what you have saved on venue costs.


Be You

When you host a wedding in a backyard you have the chance to be yourself and show your style. You could be super casual with guests in suits and trainers, or you could have everyone togged out in penguin suits and posh dresses. The great thing about weddings in the garden is that you can go for elegant and classy or rustic- a popular wedding style at the moment.



When you go for a more traditional wedding venue you will find that you have to go along with the rules and regulations. A friend recently got married and all she wanted was for the guests to be seated on hay bales, however the powers that be wouldn’t allow it. If she had hosted the wedding in her own backyard she’d have been able to have hay bale seating for everyone. Go for a backyard wedding and you’ll be able to have what you want and where you want it, giving you the wedding of your dreams.


Get Your Family and Friends in on It

Hosting a wedding in a place that isn’t a traditional venue might seem like hard work, however you can enroll some of your crafty friends and family to help you out. Check out the latest DIY wedding decorations on Pintrest and other wedding sites to get inspired. You could have friends making favors, decorating cakes, sewing bunting and then helping to bring the venue together on the big day. Your friends will love being part of the wedding and helping to make your day perfect.


Write Your Own Rules

Rules on your wedding day - no thanks! Have a wedding in your backyard and you will be free from set rules that might cause you stress on your big day. Wedding days do need a little structure, of course, however at traditional venues you would probably have a toastmaster following you around telling you where to be and when. If you want a more chilled out feel to your wedding then a backyard one is for you. You might need some of your own rules in place, such as where guests can park and hang their coats, but it can stop at that.


Decorate How You like!

Creating the perfect wedding to be how you have always imagined it requires freedom. You don’t want to be told that you can’t decorate parts of the room the way you want it because of health and safety or the fear of ruining the building’s wallpaper. Some venues are actually so strict that they only allow you to work with a list of their approved vendors - that’s not going to fly if you want to get crafty. Host a wedding in your space and you will be able to stick what you want, where you want it. You can employ the vendors you like and not ones you are told you can have. If you want a wedding that is unique and very ‘you’ then a backyard wedding will be ideal!

Have you decided on your wedding venue? Did you or would you consider a backyard setting?

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