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Mom is such an important person at your wedding. It’s a very special day that every mom dreams of for her precious daughter. No matter how much a part she has played in the lead up to your big day, you need to thank her and show how special she is. Make her proud and honored and loved with these sweet ways.

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Choose Her Outfit

One of the nicest ways to honor your mom at your wedding is by choosing a special outfit for her to wear, one that you know she will love and one that will make her stand out from the rest of the guests a little. This is a great way to make her feel more included when it comes to picking out your own dress and the dresses of your bridesmaids. It will make her feel much more part of the group.


Wear Her Wedding Dress

If your mom still has her wedding dress and you happen to love it, why not pay her the ultimate compliment by wearing it for your special day too? Wearing her wedding dress will fill her with so much love and pride that she will be on cloud nine for the entire day, and the dress will perhaps become something of a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.


Do Something Ceremonial

With the bride’s father often making a speech on the big day, sometimes the mom can be a little in the background. You can solve this by incorporating a little ritual of love as part of your ceremony or reception. This can be something small like presenting her with a bouquet of flowers. The gesture may seem tiny, but it will have a big impact on her happiness and feelings of pride during the day.


Have Her Walk You down the Aisle Too

Hey, it’s the 21st century; why not break from tradition a little? In fact, in Jewish tradition, both the mother and father walk the bride down the aisle and I personally think this is a fabulous and loving thing to add to your special day. After all, why should only dad get to participate in one of the biggest moments of your adult life?


A Twist to the Bouquet Toss

It is becoming more and more popular these days to forgo the traditional throwing of the wedding bouquet and instead dedicate and pass it on to your mother. It serves as a wonderful and love-filled surprise for her on the day and gives her another special memento to cherish from the day that her daughter got married.


A Mother-Daughter Dance

We all know about the first dance between the bride and the groom, but another popular practice recently has been to dedicate another dance later in the evening for you and your mom. Pretty much all of us have a few special, meaningful songs with our mothers, and it provides a great moment in the night to pause and remember your strong connection.


Pay Her a Lot of Attention during the Day

Of course, your wedding day is absolutely about you and the new life you are about to create with your spouse, but sometimes during a wedding, especially one with many guests, you can tend to get distracted and end up not seeing much of your mom throughout the day. Try to take as much time as you can to involve and be with her during the reception. It will be just as happy a day for her as it is for you, but I am sure there will be some feelings of bittersweet parting for her. That’s your mom; love and cherish her as much as you can!

Let’s give readers with an upcoming wedding more ideas. How did you honor your mom at your wedding? And brides-to-be – what plans have you got?

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Love idea #4!

Thank you Brisbane

Very sweet. I'm going to be the Mother of the Bride next month!

@jackie That is so sweet! I love the idea of sewing some of your mom's dress on yours. :)

Simply lovely... :)

I can't wait to get married next November!! Since I'm lucky to have both my parents I want them both to walk me down the aisle! Plus, I would like my seamstress to sew a lil piece of my moms bridal gown inside by my ❤️.

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