17 Little Things That'll Make Your Wedding More Meaningful ...


17 Little Things That'll Make Your Wedding More Meaningful ...
17 Little Things That'll Make Your Wedding More Meaningful ...

When your big day arrives, you want it to be special so that you will remember it with fondness for the rest of your life. There are tons of traditions and other things that are usually present at a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own ideas to your day. Check out these touching choices and you’re wedding will be so meaningful that you’ll never want it to end.

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Handmade Favors

Instead of those tiny containers of bubbles, consider a handmade wedding favor. For my wedding, I colored homemade seed packets that we handed out filled with the blooms that were at the wedding.


Something from Your Mom

Maybe you don’t want to wear your mom’s gown, but you can still carry a piece of her with you. Maybe you could wear her veil or the earrings she got married in.


Candid Photos

Instead of only getting formal, posed shots at your wedding, ask your photographer to take some candids too. Or, hand out disposable cameras and have your guests take pictures for you.


Shoe Notes

What’s shoe note? It’s when the bride and groom write each other a tiny love note on the bottom of their wedding shoes.


Memorial Ribbon on Your Bouquet

Will your wedding be missing a special person? Wind a ribbon with that person’s name through your bouquet so they still feel like part of your big day.


Bright Accessories Are Fun

Have your bridesmaids wear hot pink heels or bright yellow statement necklaces so that you have something big and bright for your pictures.


Bride and Groom Toasts

Add your own wedding toasts to make your big day that much more special and memorable.


Your Love Story

Share your love story with your guests by telling everyone how it happened or by setting up a photo slide show.


Ask for Your Guests’ Advice

Place some cards on the tables and ask your guests to pen some marriage advice. You’ll have so much fun reading them all after the big day is over.


Write Your Own Vows

The traditional church vows are beautiful, but if they don’t fit your style, you and your groom can write your vows to each other.


Serve Your Own Beer

No, I’m not suggesting tending bar at your own wedding. Instead, many couples are choosing a special brew for their wedding. Brew it yourself or order your own personal flavor from a local brewery.


Try a Reverse Unity Candle

Instead of combining your two flames in one unity candle, spread your flames to candles that each of your guests are holding. This brings you all together and creates a unique memory you can share forever.


Monogram Your Veil

Get started with your new initials right away by having your new monogram embroidered on your wedding veil.


Create a Hashtag for Your Wedding

Will all your guests be posing your wedding photos on social media? Create a wedding hashtag so your guests can share the big day with you.


Create a Custom Playlist

When you send out your RSVP cards, have your guests request a song. Then use those ideas to create the perfect wedding playlist for your wedding.


Do Personalized Seating Cards

Instead of the usual cards with your guests’ names written in calligraphy, mark their seats with candid photos of each of them. Fun!


Personalized Wedding Program

Instead of just writing it all down, add photos and graphics that make your wedding program something everyone will want to hang on to forever.

When is your big day? Which of these ideas do you love?

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