7 Great Reasons to Plan a Small and Intimate Wedding ...


7 Great Reasons to Plan a Small and Intimate Wedding ...
7 Great Reasons to Plan a Small and Intimate Wedding ...

As tempting as it can be to invite everyone you’ve ever known to share in the excitement of your big day, there are actually plenty of great reasons to plan a small and intimate wedding, whether you interpret that to mean one with 10, 50 or even 100 guests. Can’t decide what size celebration is right for you? Check out the following seven reasons to plan a small and intimate wedding, and then continue weighing the pros and cons in order to make whatever decision is best for you, your partner and your families.

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Less Sticker Shock

First and foremost, one of the best reasons to plan a small and intimate wedding is that it may ultimately help save you money on everything from food and drinks to décor and invitations. Less money spent on aspects like these means more to put toward hiring top-notch vendors, setting off on a spectacular honeymoon, buying a house or doing anything else you wish. Just be aware that some venues do have food and drink minimums that apply regardless of how large or small your guest list is, making this something you should be sure to ask about when choosing a location.


More Unique Venue Options

Speaking of venues, planning an intimate wedding can in some cases open the door to smaller, more unique locations that are unable to accommodate a particularly large crowd, such as a small loft or local vineyard. Shop around to see what types of options are available in your hometown or chosen wedding locale before making a decision, and don’t be afraid to look beyond the typical banquet hall setting.


A Streamlined Guest List

Yet another benefit of planning a small and intimate wedding is that you’ll be able to keep your guest list short and sweet without feeling obligated to invite (and pay for) those who aren’t truly your closest relatives and friends. By limiting the guest list to only your nearest and dearest, you can then more easily focus on having a great time with loved ones who have genuinely played an important role in your lives.


Simplified Planning

Along with allowing for a streamlined guest list, an intimate wedding can also mean a simpler planning process at various stages. The smaller your wedding, for instance, the more straightforward things will be when it comes time to complete tasks like mailing out invitations, creating a seating chart and keeping track of dinner selections.


A Smaller Wedding Party

While it’s of course perfectly fine to have whatever size wedding party you want regardless of how long or short the guest list might be, planning an intimate celebration is definitely a good reason to select fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen. With a smaller wedding party, you’ll likely save money on things like flowers and gifts, while also ensuring that those standing up for you are especially close relatives and friends.


More Mingling

How many times have you been to a wedding where you barely had a chance to say two words to the newlyweds all night long? This is less of an issue with smaller weddings, as a shorter guest list allows you to more effortlessly mix and mingle with everyone who came out to celebrate.


Less Pressure

Not everyone loves being the center of attention, and planning a small wedding is an excellent way to take the pressure off and make it seem more as if you’re simply hanging out with those you love rather than taking part in a major production. In some cases, intimate weddings can also be more easily tailored to evoke a casual, laid-back vibe.

Are there any other good reasons to plan a small and intimate wedding that you’d like to share? How many guests will you be inviting?

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i just got married on November 16th at the santa Barbara courthouse and it was only 30 people or less everyone enjoyed themselves and it was romantic too

My cousin just had a small, country themed wedding in North Carolina and I thought it was beautiful, unique, and intimate. Definitely going to think about this in the future!

I love photographing intimate weddings! I'm many ways they're more unique then large mega weddings...

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