7 Fun Hawaiian Wedding Ideas for Tying the Knot in Paradise ...


7 Fun Hawaiian Wedding Ideas for Tying the Knot in Paradise ...
7 Fun Hawaiian Wedding Ideas for Tying the Knot in Paradise ...

Getting married in Hawaii is a dream come true for many couples, especially with so many amazing Hawaiian wedding ideas to help make the day all the more fun and memorable. Ready to start planning the celebration of a lifetime? Check out a few of my all-time favorite Hawaiian wedding ideas, and let the tropical spirit carry you away.

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Sunset Ceremony on the Sand

Sunset Ceremony on the Sand In such a gorgeous setting with warm weather all throughout the year, there’s nothing more fitting and beautiful than tying the knot on a Hawaiian beach as the sun sinks low into the sea behind you. By timing things just right, you may even be able to conclude the ceremony in time to capture a few more couple or wedding party photos afterward before the final glimmers fade away. Of course, sunset ceremonies can often work just as well in locations other than the beach, such as in a botanical garden or out at sea on a boat. Incorporating other fun Hawaiian wedding ideas, like ukulele music or a lei exchange, can also add some extra tropical flair.


Lei Exchange

Lei Exchange As previously mentioned, a lei exchange is always a great addition to any Hawaiian ceremony. At my sister-in-law’s recent Big Island wedding, she and her fiancé took part in this tradition by giving each other freshly made leis – white orchid for her and ti leaf for him – in addition to rings, making for both a memorable moment and wonderful photos.


Signature Hawaiian Cocktails

Signature Hawaiian Cocktails What Hawaiian wedding would be complete without classic island-style drinks like the Mai Tai or Blue Hawaii? Serving a couple signature cocktails along with wine and beer in lieu of offering a full open bar is also a smart way to reduce costs while still staying true to your theme.


Themed Favors and Gifts

Themed Favors and Gifts While anything macadamia nut-related, including candies and cookies, will always be the gold standard when it comes to Hawaiian-themed wedding favors, non-edible goodies like lei necklaces, fans, shell candles and more can also work just as well. For other types of delectable desserts, Big Island Candies in Hilo is home to countless treats that make excellent favors, such as the company’s famous chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies. Wedding party gifts can also be easily tailored to suit a Hawaiian vibe, with options including everything from stylish jewelry or bags for the girls and Hawaiian shirts or koa wood cufflinks for the guys.


Tropical Color Scheme

Tropical Color Scheme Having a wedding in the tropics is an excellent reason to brighten things up with a bold color scheme featuring vibrant shades of yellow, green, orange, blue, coral and more. Prefer something at least a bit more subtle? Tropical shades can be toned down by including them in smaller doses while mixing in dark and neutral colors. My sister-in-law, for instance, chose a “Hawaiian sunset” color scheme featuring orange and yellow bouquets that popped against our navy blue bridesmaid dresses.


Island-Style Attire

Island-Style Attire Getting married in Hawaii is the perfect excuse to replace the traditional tuxes, ball gowns and heels with things like Hawaiian shirts, khakis and flip-flops. Since temperatures on the islands are summerlike year-round, it’s always a good idea for the bride to choose relatively lightweight dresses for herself and her bridesmaids, along with taking advantage of other popular island-style options, like wearing an orchid or hibiscus bloom in her hair.


Creative Décor

Creative Décor Whether you choose to line the aisle with plumeria petals, have tiki torches light the dance floor or set out lava rock centerpieces, Hawaiian décor elements can help bring your theme full circle. Other simple yet eye-catching ideas include draping chairs at either the ceremony or reception with leis and having fresh tropical flowers adorn an otherwise simple white cake.

Are you planning to get married in Hawaii? What are some of your own favorite Hawaiian wedding ideas?

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