7 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Florist ...


7 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Florist ...
7 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Florist ...

If flowers are going to be a major feature of your big day, as they are for so many brides, you are definitely going to need some tips for choosing a wedding florist. You want everything to be just perfect on your day and having the most gorgeous, freshest blooms is part of the look. You won’t have droopy leaves, wilting heads or closed buds if you make use of these tips for choosing a wedding florist.

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Some tips for choosing a wedding florist will always specify to only go with an experienced florist. This may seem logical, but the important thing is that the florist you choose has to have the level of experience you require of her, not what the industry suggests. There is nothing wrong with choosing an inexperienced florist as long as you tie down all the other details (as per the tips that follow). After all, everyone has to start somewhere don’t they? But, also remember, even if you do choose someone with many years experience, you can’t just bank on that experience; you still have to cross the Ts and dot the Is.



Everyone wants their business to succeed and many will run themselves ragged taking on so much that everything is done in a rush. While you want to be able to be supportive to small businesses, don’t run the risk of something going wrong because you have an overstretched florist. Ask how many other weddings they will be servicing on the same day as yours and make sure there's enough time built in for emergencies.



Will the florist make all the arrangements for delivery and collection? What are the delivery times? These are important details. You don’t want to have groomsmen hurriedly being pinned with buttonholes as they enter the venue. That is why it's of utmost importance to choose a reputable flower delivery Australia-wide or USA-wide company to make sure your arrangements come on time. If you are having the ceremony in a different venue to the reception and want the same arrangements to be used for both, will the florist make the delivery between venues? Also, check out the costs of having the main party’s flowers (bouquets and boutonnières) being delivered to home if that’s where you want them. These are important details when organizing wedding flowers.



One of the lesser known tips for choosing a wedding florist is about checking if they are familiar with the venue. This is the way to avoid issues where your choice of flowers might not be suitable for your dream venue. Your florist should be able to advise you that your arrangements are suitable to fit the décor, the space and the temperature of your ceremony and reception venue(s).



Like everything, gone are the days where we had simple table arrangements of pretty flowers that were in season. Now we want fantastic arrangements of glamorous and exotic blooms. If you choose a small local florist they may be restricted to pre-ordered blooms and this puts you at risk of the florist not actually having your chosen flowers. Ask the florist where the flowers will be coming from, whether there is a wholesale market nearby, and if the wholesaler is able to deal with last minute requests and still deliver on time for the blooms to be made up into your gorgeous arrangements. Also, talk about substitutions – discuss with your florist what are acceptable choices should your first picks not be available.



Planning a wedding is no easy feat. Co-ordination is key – especially if you need any of your vendors to work with each other. If you’ve employed a wedding planner, of course this is irrelevant as they will be doing all this hassling stuff, but when you’re your own planner, you need to make sure vendors who you want to work together, actually do. If you want your cake to echo your floral arrangements, including fresh blooms, ensure your baker and florist are willing and able to co-ordinate and co-operate.



If you are planning your event to the nth degree, you don’t want any nasty surprises when it comes to the flower bill. Know exactly what your bill will be. Ask for the bill to be fully itemized including a list of all the flowers and equipment used. Is overtime going to be needed? And at what rate? Is a deposit required and is there a payment plan? And lastly, make sure you understand the cancellation/refund policy.

With these tips for choosing a wedding florist, the flowers should be one thing you won’t have to worry about on your special day. Are you planning your wedding? What ideas do you have for your flowers?

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