8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress ...


8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress ...
8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress ...

As millions around the world watched the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge exchange vows, it was evident our dear Kate chose the perfect wedding dress. It looked incredibly gorgeous, well, stunning really, as she walked the long aisle to meet her handsome groom. What about you? How can you find that perfect dress, the one that was made for you? It can be hard, quite time consuming, and downright aggravating sometimes, but if you follow these eight tips on choosing the perfect wedding dress, I'm sure you will walk the aisle in the dress you've dreamed of since girlhood! You are excited? Well, let's get to reading, so we can find you that perfect dress!

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Give Yourself Plenty of Time

It's never a good idea to wait until the last minute to do anything for your wedding day, especially finding your dress. If you want to look perfect as you walk the aisle, give yourself, at the very least, three months, if not more, to find a dress. You have to take into account the time to find the dress as well as alterations that may have to be made, which can take several weeks. Usually, there are two fittings when alterations are made, so you must give yourself plenty of time.


Flatter Yourself

Remember, not everyone can look good in the same style of dress. Just because it looks perfect on the model in the magazine does not mean it will look perfect on you, as unfortunate as that may be. However, there are many dress styles to choose from, so you're sure to find something that will look positively stunning on you, trust me! You will simply have to be patient and shop around. While it's good to look through magazines and get some ideas of the style you like, keep an open mind when shopping, and remember that style and shape go hand in hand. (More on this subject later...)


Listen to Your Consultant

I know you're the bride, and at the end of the day, it matters only what you like and want for your wedding day. However, it's a good idea to listed to your bridal consultant a little bit. They understand fashion, and how different styles dress different body types. If you're unsure about what would be flattering to your figure, just ask your consultant to pull a few dresses that she thinks will look good, and try them on. Who knows? They style you thought you'd never wear may be the exact one that stops your heart and leaves a tear of joy in your eye!


Go Ready

Make sure to already have the undergarments you will be wearing the day of your wedding when you go to try on dresses. If you don't want to buy the shoes before you have your dress, at least have a pair that will be similar in heel size as well. Trying your dress on with the undergarments and shoes you'll wear on your wedding day will make all the difference in the fit of your dress. So, be prepared at your fitting, and your journey to the right dress will be much smoother.


Be Mindful of Money

A girl can dream, I know, but it really makes it difficult on a bride to try on a dress, knowing it's well out of her price range, only to fall in love with it. It's better to not try them on at all. If your dress budget is $5000 or lower, simply avoid even trying a dress that is priced over $5000. By doing this, you will avoid heartbreak and regret and will feel much better about your wedding day and the dress you end up choosing.


Remember Your Wedding Style

You certainly don't want a full ball gown if you're going to be having a beach wedding, right? And a slinky, ultra-sexy number might look a little out of place in an old fashioned, chapel wedding. Make sure your dress selection matches the ceremony you will be having. Sexy numbers tend to go better with outdoor weddings or wedding in more modern places. Beach weddings are well paired with simpler numbers with no train and bare feet. Formal ball gowns are perfect for your average church wedding. Ceremony style and dress style go hand in hand, so keep that in mind, okay?


Watch Your Number of Critics

While second opinions and even third opinions are nice, you may be asking for trouble if you choose to have your eight bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law in on the dress picking. Too many opinions can cloud your own judgment and opinion of the dress, therefore leading you to pick a dress you'll later regret. Instead, choose to take your mother and mother-in-law, or maybe your mother and maid of honor. Keep the number down and surprise the rest when the purchased dress is revealed. By doing so, you will be a much happier, much more satisfied, and definitely less stressed bride-to-be!


Be Respectful

I know it's incredibly fun to try on dresses, as this builds the excitement to the big day. However, please remember that the bridal consultants have many brides to deal with. Please, don't go in to try on dresses just for the fun of it, and without any intent on the possibility of buying one. It's one thing to not be able to find something you like, or to try and get ideas for your dress. It's another thing to go in, knowing you will not be buying a dress any time soon, and wasting the consultants time. Be respectful of their time, and they will appreciate it, as you would in their shoes, I sure.

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