5 Brides Who Know How to Rock a Non-Traditional Wedding Dress ...


5 Brides Who Know How to Rock a Non-Traditional Wedding Dress ...
5 Brides Who Know How to Rock a Non-Traditional Wedding Dress ...

Little girls dream of fluffy, long, big white ball gowns for that one special day when they walk down the aisle to say** 'I Do' and live happily ever after. But sometimes when those little girls grow up their dreams change and so does the color, length, and idea of their wedding gown. See if you're wedding dreams change when you're inspired by these 5 **brides who know how to rock a non-traditional wedding dress...

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Retro Inspired...

Retro Inspired... Photo: ChrisSchmittBlog via RocknRollBrideDress:Anthropologie

When you're married in Vegasand tribute your wedding theme to the King of Rock n Roll you can't just wear any type of wedding dress! It has to be retro, hip, and cool like Elvishimself; besides he will be your officiant as well! How romantic is this sweet couple! They were married at theGraceland Chapelin Las Vegas and held their reception at the MGM Skyloft Suite. I love couples who aren't afraid to create **unique wedding memories! **


Mellow Yellow...

Mellow Yellow... Photo: EclecticImagesBlog
Dress: Vintage

Being a bridedoesn't mean you have to wear a white dress any more. When you're an** artistic couple** it shows in your wedding details and theme. Sarah is a fine art photographerand her new hubby, Gary, is a metal artist. Their love for art and vintage decor showed in her beautiful yellow dress, theirvintage camerasposted at the guestbook table, and their** homemade centerpieces** made by the groom himself!


The Colorful Bride...

The Colorful Bride... Photo: RocknRollBride.com
Dress: Dress Forms Design Studio

Carroll and her husband Dan wanted their day to truly be about who they were and about their loved ones living and passed. The bride was born in Mexicowhere they celebrate Day of the Dead, which is a spiritual and colorful way of remembering your family members, including Carroll's father. With colorful decor, skulls, DIY paper flowers, and temporary tattoos the bride, groom, and guests shared a wedding day they'll never forget.


Blue Moon...

Blue Moon... Photo: OffbeatBride
Dress: Vintage

When you're a crafty brideyou know you're going to celebratea unique wedding and wear a one of a kind wedding dress. For their library reception, Jessica wore a beautiful** blue polka-dot vintage dress** and changed into another blue vintage dress for their reception at the Tarnish & Gold art gallery. I love her yellow crinoline, which was made by ReSashay, it looks perfect with her blue dress.


The Brides Wore Pink...

The Brides Wore Pink... Photo: TinyWaterBlog via RocknRollBrideDresses: Siri

I just love how these two beautiful brides coordinated their **pink and white dresses and shoes! Their feminine personality, love for the outdoors, and DIY skills were shared throughout theirspecial daywith family, friends, and their dog! Kelly's sister not only officiated the ceremony, but she also performed afire dancefor their one of a kind** reception at the Highland Ranchin California.

Have you found a colorful wedding dress for your big day?

Top Photo: TinyWaterBlog

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