5 Colorful Bridesmaid Looks from the Oscars ...

I was in love with all of the beautiful dresses on the Oscar **red carpet last night and **Anne Hathaway's performance as co-host! She really showed us that she is more than just the girl next door. So instead of showing off all of the bridal looks you could steal from the night, here are 5 colorful Oscar dress inspirations for your bridesmaids....what do you think?

5. Color Me Red...

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Anne Hathaway'scomplete look is stunning. I wonder if her glow came from being co-host of the 83rd Academy Awardsor because she was wearing a vintage Valentino**red hot gown**? Everything from her simple but elegant updo and** red lip**, to her formal gown and sparkly necklace, can be beautiful inspiration for your bridesmaids.

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