7 Signs That You Found the 'It' Wedding Dress ...


7 Signs That You Found the 'It' Wedding Dress ...
7 Signs That You Found the 'It' Wedding Dress ...

If you're planning a wedding and eager to finally say yes to the dress, you definitely need to keep an eye out for the biggest signs you found your wedding dress. This is one of the most important garments you'll ever buy. The brides are the stars of the show and the dress is the standout. Heather found her dress the first day of searching, at the first shop! Her mother and I were with her, and all three of us could tell that she'd found The Dress. (She is STUNNING in her dress, by the way; it brought me to tears!) You might have to shop around a little more; you might have to try on two dresses, or twenty. Regardless of how long it takes, if you recognize the signs you found your wedding dress, pounce on it as quickly as possible!

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It Flatters Your Figure

Naturally, a fit that flatters your figure is one of the surest signs you found your wedding dress. I don't mean that it fits well and doesn't need a lot of alterations, I mean that it just fits you. It hides all of your perceived flaws but effortlessly brings out all your best features. If you're short, it makes you feel statuesque. If you're full figured, it makes you feel elegant and gorgeously voluptuous. If you're very slim, it makes you look fit for the runway – or, conversely, it gives you curves where you fear you have none. It's perfect, in a word, and it fits every inch of you.


There's Not a Thing You Would Change

Okay, so that's a little extreme. You might need to hem it or take it in a bit, or you may want to add a few purely personal touches. However, when you find a dress that's perfect as is – as in, there's no sash you'd remove, you love the neckline, you adore the way it falls, you don't want to get rid of the straps, et cetera – then you know. If you've nitpicked over every other dress but can't find a bad thing to say about this one, then just say yes!


No One else's Opinion Matters

I'm not saying that you shouldn't consider anyone else's opinion, of course, because naturally you want to know what your mom thinks, and your besties, your maid of honor, and maybe even your bride or groom. What I'm saying is that when you slip into The Dress, you know it's perfect. You put others aside because your mom wrinkled her nose or because your BFF whispered that it kind of made your butt look big, but this dress makes you feel so gorgeous, you don't even care.


But You Take Everyone's Breath Away

That being said, many times, The Dress will take everyone's breath away – even your sales associate's, and not just because he or she gets paid to tell you that you look stunning. You can see it in everyone's eyes when you walk out of the dressing room, and you know those gasps and swoons are sincere because you feel that way too. I'm not kidding when I say I teared up when Heather walked out in the wedding dress she ultimately chose; her mom did as well, and even her associate was all aflutter. Part of it was because my princess waltzed out, looking like a million dollars and looking like she FELT like a million dollars.


You Instantly Envision the Entire Ceremony

When you slip into your perfect dress, you see your entire ceremony. You envision yourself walking down the aisle in that dress, you witness your first kiss with your beloved, you see yourself dancing the night away at the reception. It all plays out, with your dress standing center stage, and you know that no other dress will do.


It Fits Everything You Need

What I mean here is that your ultimate perfect dress is likewise perfect for what you need. If you're getting married on the beach, it's light and airy and comfortable. If you've got a 1920s theme, your dress makes you look like you just stepped out of the pages of The Great Gatsby. If you're indeed going to be dancing all night, it provides you with plenty of comfort and movement. It just fits.


You Feel like a Goddess

And the most important sign that you've found the dress in which you're going to get married? It makes you feel like the goddess you are. You slip into it and you feel stunning. Not only that, but you know you look gorgeous, and you know that everyone will think you look gorgeous. You look in the mirror and you see no flaws. You just see yourself, radiant and beautiful and ready for your best big day.

Every bride is different and every bride wants different things. You might have several dresses earmarked before you start shopping, only to find that they don't feel right at all. That's no problem. When you find your dress, you'll know. How did you know? How did you feel the moment you slid into The Dress?

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