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There are certain things bridesmaids need to pay for. Of course you can bend the rules and pay for one or more of these things as a gift to them if you wish. However, these are the things bridesmaids need to pay for and are generally expected to pay for. This guide can help to clear up any confusion for you and your bridesmaids on the subject.

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Their Dress

One of top things bridesmaids need to pay for is their dress. Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is an honor. It is a privilege to be asked. And with that privilege comes responsibility, that of paying for certain things for their personal part of participation in your wedding. The dress is the bare minimum of what they should be paying for.


Other Bridesmaid Accessories

Your bridesmaid should also pay for any accessories that go along with her dress. This includes shoes, jewelry and anything else along those lines. Of course, you can keep the expense in mind when you choose them for your bridesmaids. You can go for a lower end item if you know that cost is going to be a factor for them. You can also choose the option of buying the jewelry for your bridesmaids as their gift from you if you wish.


Hair and Makeup

Bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own hair and makeup on the day of your wedding. Of course, you may wish to allow them to do their own hair and makeup. This may make them more comfortable and could save them an expense. However, if there is a certain style that you want, there is nothing wrong with that, either. This is also something a bride will sometimes choose to pay for as a gift to her bridesmaids for their participation in the wedding, but that is your choice, not an expectation of you.


Gifts for the Bride and Groom

A bridesmaid is expected to pay for a gift for the bride and groom. While you should never mention that a gift is expected, this is something that falls in the responsibility of the bridesmaid to pay for. If there is no gift, nothing should ever be said. While etiquette would deem that your bridesmaid give a gift, it also dictates that you do not mention the lack of one if that is the case. This is one of those situations where it is best to allow it to play out as it happens.


Travel Expenses

Bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own travel expenses to your wedding. This includes any cost of fuel, plane tickets, accommodations and food. You can certainly take into account the costs that your wedding party and guests will have to pay when you plan your wedding. However, it all comes down to the fact that it is your day and you should be able to have what you want. If your bridesmaid does not feel she can afford the expenses involved in being part of your wedding party, she can politely decline when you ask her.


Bridal Shower or Other Parties

This one is a bit fluid. It is not a hard and fast responsibility of the bridesmaid to pay for a bridal shower. It could be paid for by your mother or other people that are close to you. However, a bridesmaid or your bridesmaids together can choose to throw you a bridal shower or other type of party. Your part is to appreciate their efforts and take into account the things they have done for you when you are shopping for a gift for them for being your bridesmaid.


A Girls' Weekend Getaway

A girls' weekend getaway can go several different ways. However, the bridesmaids are expected to at least pay for their own part of it. They really should also pay for your accommodations and any activities that you do together as a gift to you. If the girls' weekend getaway was your idea, then you should probably foot the bill for your own part. As with most of these things, it is best to work out what the bridesmaid is expected to pay for beforehand rather than catch her off guard.

These 7 things are things that your bridesmaid should pay for. What things do you expect your bridesmaid to pay for in order to be in your wedding? I am curious to hear your responses.

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I so disagree with this...I refused to be in a childhood friend's wedding, because she wanted us to pay for expensive dresses, shoes, jewelry, her bachelorette party, hair, makeup, nails and buy her a gift...mind you, this was all 3 months before she decided to get married...AND she and her now husband, didn't pay for anything for their wedding! None of her other friends were able to afford to pay for her wedding either, so none of us were in it...mind you, again, she had the gall to be upset and say that we poorly planned...this coming from a person that only worked 16 hrs a week, didn't have any bills or her own car and never left home...needless to say, we are no longer friends

So basically everything (!?) :/

I do not agree with this list at all, especially #1. Being a bridesmaid is an honor, BUT it's not like she chose to put all these costs on herself. It's the bride that chooses her bridesmaids. The bride should pay for the dresses, plain and simple. ESPECIALLY if she is the one choosing the dress!

In america bridesmaids do this mostly.. This list is 100% wrong for uk/irl readers

Sadly this list is true though... Some brides are so selfish to ask/expect all this of their friends and family! Not everyone makes the same amount of money too so that's not fair

I think the party, the gift and minor travel expenses should be payed for by the bridesmaid but the dress? Come on

I don't really agree with everything on this list. When I got married 2 years ago, I paid for their dress, accessories, hair and makeup. I just felt that if I wanted them to look a certain way, then I should be responsible for paying for it. However, I was very lucky that my bridesmaids paid for my Vegas stagette.

I disagree with the list also, if you ask someone to be your bridesmaid the bride should pay for the dress and hair and makeup - especially if you want them to look a certain way. The list put a huge cost to the bridesmaid which I don't believe is fair.

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