7 UK Stores for Your Wedding List ...


7 UK Stores for Your Wedding List ...
7 UK Stores for Your Wedding List ...

It’s become very popular for about-to-be-wed couples to choose particular stores for a wedding list that they can set up online. This way, once people have bought something for you, you’re not at risk of ending up with multiples as you would with a traditional gift list. Here are 7 great UK stores for a wedding list.

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House of Fraser

One of the best stores for a wedding list is House of Fraser. As well as bringing together thousands of different items from a wide range of quality brands, House of Fraser can also offer you some perks for choosing them. For example, for the run up to your wedding, you’ll get a 15% discount card for selected in-store brands. You can also get 20% off any unbought gifts you want to purchase yourself, and guests that spend over £50 will get a £15 off voucher, making them more likely to spend more on you!


House of Fraser is a British department store chain with over 60 stores across the UK. It offers a wide range of high-quality products from both in-house brands and other popular brands. In addition to its extensive selection of items, House of Fraser also offers exclusive discounts and perks for those who choose to shop with them for their wedding list.

For the run up to the wedding, customers can get a 15% discount card for selected in-store brands. Furthermore, customers who purchase gifts from the store will receive 20% off any unbought items. Additionally, guests who spend over £50 will get a £15 off voucher. This makes it easier for guests to purchase more items from the list.

House of Fraser also offers a free gift wrapping service for those who purchase gifts from the store. This makes it easier for customers to quickly wrap their gifts before they are sent out. Additionally, customers can also opt for a complimentary gift card with their purchase.

The store also offers a wide range of wedding gifts, from traditional items such as china and crystal, to modern items such as kitchenware and home accessories. Customers can also find a wide selection of lingerie, fashion accessories, and beauty products.


John Lewis

You can register your items for a list with John Lewis either online or using an in-store scanner. You can also request gift vouchers, ask them to contribute to your honeymoon or even donate to charity, so you won’t be limited to just John Lewis products.


John Lewis represents the perfect blend of traditional and modern with its wedding list service. Once you have registered, they provide a complimentary personal shopper service to help you select the perfect items. What's more, after the event, any items not purchased by your guests will be available to you with a generous 10% discount. Their service is exemplary, ensuring that both you and your guests experience an easy and delightful process. From kitchenware to electronics, and luxurious bedding to exotic travel experiences, your dream wedding list takes shape with the finest selection at John Lewis.



If your guests are well heeled people, you could go for real quality by choosing a Harrods wedding gift list. This works differently, as when guests choose a particular gift, all they are really doing is adding that amount of money to a Harrods gift card for you. It’s up to you if you like this or not!


Harrods is a luxury department store located in London, England. It was founded in 1834 and is known for its high-end products and exceptional customer service. In addition to its wide selection of designer clothing, accessories, and home goods, Harrods also offers a wedding gift list service. This allows couples to create a list of items they would like to receive as wedding gifts, and guests can contribute by adding money to a Harrods gift card. This unique option is perfect for couples who have a taste for luxury and want to receive high-quality gifts for their special day.


The Wedding Shop (incorporating Selfridges)

Another of the highest end stores for a wedding list is Selfridges, with their service The Wedding Shop. This list works in the same way as Harrods, where you essentially get credit in-store to buy what you want. A big perk is the 10% lifetime discount you will get off of all associated brands.



You can set up your Debenhams wedding gift list in-store or online, and there are loads of different products to choose from. You also now have the option of asking guests to contribute towards a gift card recognised by Virgin holidays, to help you fund your honeymoon. Plus, if guests spend over £250, you’ll also get a £50 gift card to spend on whatever you like.



When people think of Next, they tend to think of fashion, but they also have an excellent range of quality but affordable homewares, from bed linens to electricals. You can also add fashion to your list, although it’s quite unusual to ask for clothes for as a wedding gift!


Next is a UK-based retailer with over 500 stores across the country and an online store. They offer a wide range of products from fashion and homewares to furniture and electricals. Their homewares range includes bedding, kitchenware, and home accessories. They also offer a wedding list service, which allows couples to create a list of items they would like to receive as wedding gifts. These items can range from furniture and appliances to fashion items. The wedding list service also allows couples to add items from other stores to their list.



If you’ve already got everything that you need, one of the best choices for a wedding list could be a charity. Oxfam allows you to set up a wedding gift list where guests can purchase livestock to feed starving people, provide safe water sources for communities, donate money to fund children’s education and many other things in between.

These are just a few of many UK stores for a wedding list. There are also many other options available, such as sites especially for getting money towards your honeymoon. Did you use a wedding gift list service, and if so, what store did you use?

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