19 Special Wedding Anniversaries and What to Buy ...


19 Special Wedding Anniversaries and What to Buy ...
19 Special Wedding Anniversaries and What to Buy ...

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts there are certain traditions and items associated with those special years, so this list of wedding anniversaries and what gifts to buy may help for the years ahead. Whether you're buying for your significant other or family and friends, here are some traditional and more modern ideas for those special wedding anniversaries.

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1st Year

Every year spent together is worth celebrating but the first wedding anniversary is super special. Paper is the traditional gift to celebrate that first year of marriage so stationery, a book or scrapbook would be a nice gift idea for your significant other to commemorate that year of marital bliss. More modern themes include clocks and watches to celebrate the time you spend together and the many years ahead. Let's face it, a Rolex would be nice but if you don't have the bank balance of a millionaire, there are many other styles and models to choose from. These are just a few ideas for one of the most special wedding anniversaries.


2nd Year

Celebrate a two year anniversary with cotton. This can include clothing, linen or towels. More modern gifts, however, have included China tea cups and garden art.


3rd Year

What better way to celebrate your third year of marriage than with some leather. I know, your mind must be traveling at about a thousand miles an hour with the amount of possibilities related to such a material but there's more to leather than whips! A beautiful leather jacket or luggage would make a perfect gift and will last many years to symbolize the durability of your relationship. Glass and crystal wear are more modern gift alternatives but I must admit, I prefer the leather!


4th Year

The fourth year is all about fruit and flowers apparently, but more modern equivalents are electrical appliances (not those kinds!). Treat your lover to a cappuccino maker, bread maker or ice cream maker so that you can enjoy these treats together.


5th Year

Wood is a sturdy symbol of an everlasting love. Create a lasting memory with a wooden picture frame or even a musical instrument, if your partner plays one. How about planting a tree in your back garden to symbolize the many years ahead that you have together?


6th Year

Sweets are traditional symbols of the 6th year of marriage but this doesn't have to mean rotting teeth all round. How about a beautiful candy dish with some ornamental candies?


7th Year

Copper is the traditional gift for the 7th year and whilst this year has become synonymous with the end of the 'honeymoon' period, the advent of the roving eye and wondering whether marriage is all it's cracked up to be, pots and pans are a gift to celebrate this all-important milestone in marriage.


8th Year

Bronze is the mineral which is associated with eight years of marriage. And whilst is doesn't sound incredibly exciting, a beautiful bronze figurine or lamp would make wonderful gifts which will last a lifetime.


9th Year

Pottery is traditionally associated with nine years of marriage and while it conjures up images of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze wrapped round the pottery wheel, you could treat each other to an afternoon of pottery making and decorating.


10th Year

Tin and aluminum are the minerals associated with ten years together and although it sounds a little dull, you don't have to spend your time scouring the local junk yard for some scrap metal. There are many things you could bestow upon your significant other or friends and family. For example, how about an antique tin toy, a vase or a watch?


15th Year

Crystal is the gift to celebrate fifteen years together and it doesn't have to just be all wine glasses and champagne flutes. A beautiful chandelier would also make a wonderful gift.


20th Year

China is the traditional gift of choice to celebrate twenty years together. How about a beautiful cake plate or figurine?


25th Year

Silver is the precious metal which is traditionally used to celebrate twenty five years together and the possibilities are endless. How about jewelry, a picture frame or beautiful silver cake server?


30th Year

I know that pearls are usually associated with twin sets and Margaret Thatcher but they don't have to be. A beautiful strand of pearls is a wonderful gift to symbolize those thirty years together but more modern gifts have veered towards diamonds, which are the traditional gifts for 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries.


35th Year

Coral is the traditional gift for thirty five years of marriage together but more modern gifts have centered around jade jewelry, which is also beautiful.


40th Year

Ruby is my favorite precious stone and is the traditional gift to celebrate forty years of marriage. How about a beautiful pair of ruby studded earrings or ruby set cufflinks?


45th Year

What better way to celebrate forty five years together than with sapphire? It doesn't have to mean jewelry though. Plants also make wonderful gifts. For example, how about an Aster Sapphire plant or an Eryngium Sapphire Blue plant?


50th Year

Gold is the precious metal to celebrate fifty years together and there are many gifts in gold you could bestow upon your significant other or family members who have reached this special year.


As the 50th wedding anniversary, or golden anniversary, is a milestone for any couple, it is often celebrated with a special gift. Gold is the traditional gift for the 50th anniversary, and there are many special items available to commemorate this special occasion.

For the couple, a gold watch, necklace, or bracelet is a traditional gift. If the couple is still active, a gold-plated bicycle or a pair of gold-plated golf clubs may be a great gift. A gold-plated picture frame with a special photo of the couple is a thoughtful gift, as is a gold-plated candelabra.

For family members, a gold-plated jewelry box or a gold-plated music box are popular gifts. Gold-plated picture frames with photos of the couple or a special photo of the family is another option. A gold-plated clock, engraved with the couple's names and the date of their anniversary, is also a meaningful gift.


55th Year

Wow, fifty five years of marriage, that's something to celebrate! Emerald is the precious stone of choice to celebrate fifty five years together.

Has anyone been given any unusual anniversary gifts?

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