7 Unforgettable Wedding Gifts Your Fianc Will Love ...


7 Unforgettable Wedding Gifts Your Fianc Will Love ...
7 Unforgettable Wedding Gifts Your Fianc Will Love ...

Even though picking out the perfect present for your groom can at times seem like a major challenge, there are actually plenty of fabulous wedding gifts your fiancé will love. Looking for a gift that’s classic and traditional? Quirky and offbeat? Check out these seven fun ideas for wedding gifts your fiancé will love, and then get ready to move on to the next important task on your list – dropping hints about what he should get you!

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A Watch

When it comes to timeless wedding gifts your fiancé will love, you can never go wrong with something as useful as a watch. Plus, with so many different sizes, colors and designs to choose from, you can easily find a style that suits your guy’s personality and fits your budget, whether you go with one that’s classy, sporty or totally techy.



Another classic gift your fiancé will surely love wearing on your wedding day and for years to come is a pair of well-made cufflinks. Just like a watch, cufflinks can be personalized to best suit your man’s taste, with a number of Etsy sellers even specializing in customized options featuring everything from classic initials and monograms to Star Wars symbols and city skylines. Need gift ideas for the groomsmen and your fathers? Cufflinks make great presents for them, too.


A Techy Gadget

From phones and tablets to the latest gaming systems, techy gadgets are always a smart choice for a guy who loves his gizmos. Stumped about what to give the man who seems to already have it all? The website ThinkGeek.com sells tons of fun, offbeat and all-around wacky items, including things like a stealth TV remote, wristband charging device and even a pair of Halloween cat ears that move in response to different types of brainwave activity.


A Flask

Just like the personalized cufflinks mentioned previously, customized flasks make great gifts and are available on Etsy in a wide range of original styles. I especially love classic leather-covered flasks, along with those uniquely designed to replicate things like a vintage camera, Nintendo Game Boy or R2-D2.


Activity or Event Tickets

From football games and concerts to beer tastings and flying lessons, your groom is sure to enjoy receiving a set of tickets to an event or activity he’ll love, whether it’s something the two of you can do together after the wedding or something he and a friend can try out on their own. Websites like Living Social and Groupon typically offer great deals for things like cooking classes, racing experiences and more, so be sure to check them out when researching different options.



Looking to spice up your wedding night and honeymoon? Gift your guy a bottle of cologne in a scent you not only know he’ll love, but that you like, too. And if you think your pick has to be expensive, think again. I, for one, love giving my husband $30 colognes and $11 lotions from the Bath & Body Works men’s collection, which features a variety of sexy scents like Ocean, Dark Amber and White Citrus.



Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a tropical honeymoon or are simply marrying a man who loves spending lots of time outside, a hot new pair of shades is sure to be an ideal present. As with many of the other gifts already mentioned, there are tons of options available in a variety of styles at different price points, so shop around until you’ve found the perfect match.

What are some of your favorite ideas for wedding gifts your fiancé will love? Are you planning to give him any of the items listed here?

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Great article, given me some inspiration. I've been thinking to do a 'For Your Eyes Only' (FYEO) photo shoot then presenting the pics in an album on the wedding morning; strictly for his eyes only lol

Great ideas! "I gave my husband a boudoir mini album and he gave me a Dreamlines sketch of my wedding dress. Both turned out so good! We were so happy with them both!" -Elle, CA...Happy Dreamlines customer

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