7 Classic Home Essentials to Include in Your Wedding Registry ...

Even with the many unique registry options that now allow couples to request everything from honeymoon funds to money to put toward buying a new car or house, there are still plenty of classic home essentials to add to your list. Whether you don’t already have these things or are simply looking to upgrade the items you do have, these seven necessities will help make your home stylish, comfortable and functional for years to come. Check them out, and don’t forget to share your own suggestions for classic home essentials you’d love to receive.

1. China

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Whether you prefer a relatively inexpensive set from a big-box retail chain like Target or a more formal collection from a high-end company like Waterford, china is one of several classic home essentials worthy of a spot on your registry. Basic sets in a pretty pattern or design are perfect for everyday dining, while more formal sets can be used when hosting friends and relatives for special occasions, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

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