4 Great Gifts for Your Groomsmen ...


4 Great Gifts for Your Groomsmen ...
4 Great Gifts for Your Groomsmen ...

We're always thinking about the perfect gifts for the bridesmaids, but we can't forget that the **groomsmen **are just as important. The guys have certain styles and taste as well. They may not be as picky as we are, but I'm sure they wouldn't want a tacky gift either! Here are 4 great **gifts **for your groom to buy for his groomsmen...

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Grooming the Men...

Grooming the Men... Price: $175.00 for a set of 4 @ Etsy.com/shop/DirtyDeedsSoaps

Some of your guys might be savvy and cool with their beards, but you'll want to make sure the rest of them have a clean cut shave! I love the look of this** vintage shaving kit**; the mug, brush, and even some handmade soap with instructions for their new manly look.


Styling Ties...

Styling Ties... Price: $30.00 @ Etsy.com/shop/Toybreaker

Your guys want their personalities **to shine just like your bridesmaids and with a hand-screened stylish tie **like this awesome microfiber ship one you'll be able to set them apart from each other. There are ties with robots for the geek, ties with ravens for the poet, and ones with a gear shift for the car guy!


Drink on Me...

Drink on Me... Price: $88.00 for 4 @ Etsy.com/shop/KillorglinCreations

For the Irishmen inside all of your guys gift them with **personalized flasks **they won't ever need to put down! I love how they personalize it in two ways; with the initial on the porthole and the title and wedding date on the front. This is also a **great gift **for the dads as well!


Don't Be Late...

Don't Be Late... Price: $44.00 @ Etsy.com/shop/ArtInspiredGifts

How amazing is this antique style **pocket watch **that your **groomsmen **will go crazy over. Perhaps one of your guys is a collector or remembers a watch just like this that his grandfather owned. Give your men something special like this so they can carry it with them and cherish the memory of your big day for a lifetime.

Have you found the right gift for your groomsmen?

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ok, those ties are awesome.

Really cool, didn't realise the guys got gifts too!

Wow what cool gift ideas! I really like the soap but especially like the pocket watch!

Gorgeous! Lovely ideas! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

Those shaving kits are totally amazing and the ties are so pretty! Kisses and hugs, sunshine

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