7 Invaluable Wedding Vow Tips That Will Help You Write Your Own ...


7 Invaluable Wedding Vow Tips That Will Help You Write Your Own ...
7 Invaluable Wedding Vow Tips That Will Help You Write Your Own ...

Wedding vow tips are easy to come by. Everyone has an input on what you should say, whether you should include song lyrics, which words are allowed. Should a woman really offer to ‘obey’ in the 21st Century?! If you are actually looking for tips on how to pen your own vows, though, advice can be hard to come by. So here are the wedding vow tips I’ve collected over the last few weeks – and can guarantee that they are worth thinking about!

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Take Some Time…

One of the best wedding vow tips is to start on your own, and take some time to think. Start making your own notes, and thinking about what you want to say. It’s a lot more intimate and personal if your vows are individual to you, and a lot less cringe-y, too. Even if you get together to analyse them later, start off on your own.


Why Them?

Ask yourself those key questions, and give yourself honest answers. Why have you chosen that person? What makes them the person you’d like to spend your life with? What do you love about them the most? The answers will easily translate into genuine, heartfelt vows. Don’t immediately dismiss any answers, either – loving him because he makes an amazing apple crumble, or thinking her sense of humor is one of the things you couldn’t live without, add a funny, heart-warming moment to your reading.


Promise Me…

Wedding vows are all about promises, so what are you promising? Reflect on your relationship so far, and about the future. Don’t just make the typical promises about being together and standing together and leave it there – make it really personal. So if you are rubbish at making time, promise that you won’t work every Saturday, or that you’ll turn down some gaming raids to go for walks with her instead. It’ll make your promises really mean something, and no doubt make your guests smile.


Look around…

People have been writing their own vows for some time, so there is plenty of inspiration around. Have a look in your diary, if you keep one, in poems, in song lyrics, photographs, vow books – even in the traditional vows, if you like, and borrow bits that you love. Your vows will be personal to you, but that doesn’t mean they have to be totally unique. If you find someone has said something amazingly, it’s totally okay to use it.



Once you’ve done all your brainstorming, it’s time to do some editing. Cancel out any bits that you wouldn’t want to say out loud, or that don’t make sense. Edit it down until the whole vows are only a paragraph or two in length, and very short and sweet. If you love your longer vows too, consider printing them or having them made into a card, and giving them to your fiancé on the morning of the wedding. It’s sure to bring tears to their eyes!



It’s a good idea to talk through your ideas and maybe even glance at each other’s vows before the big day. It’ll make sure you are both on the right track, and it’s a great bonding experience. You’ll also get to talk about any potential issues. Everyone has heard of a wedding where the best man’s speech contained something shocking, right? Make sure your vows don’t do the same.


Work on It…

Note your vows down onto cards or a scroll, so you aren’t under pressure to remember them. You might get stage fright once you are in front of all your friends and family! Try to read from the heart, though. Rehearse the words so that they sound and feel natural, and so that you know where to breathe. Another of the best wedding vow tips was to give a copy of your unique vows to the officiant, as a back-up that can be used to prompt you.

Of course, however many wedding vow tips you read, the most important thing is that your vows come from the heart. Enjoy yourself, and your vows won’t really matter at all. If you love them, they’ll suit your day. Would you write your own vows? I’m not sure I could cope with the pressure!

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