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Are you dreaming of a Divergent-themed wedding? If you have read the book, became a huge fan, and are currently in a relationship, the thought may have crossed your mind. Or it may at least sound like a great idea now that you are thinking about it. Here are some ideas on how you can have a Divergent-themed wedding complete with a very unique flair.

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Encourage Your Guests to Get Some Divergent Knowledge Pre-wedding

Your guests are going to enjoy a Divergent-themed wedding so much more if they know what Divergent is about. Encourage them to read the book or see the movie. You can slip a little note in with your invitation. You might even include that tidbit in your official invitation. Their curiosity will help you out from there.


Invite Guests to Dress in Their Favorite Faction Clothing

Invite your guests to dress in the colors of their favorite faction. You could also send out a quiz for them to find out what faction they fit into. Quizzes are fun and everyone loves them. Veronica Roth offers a great quiz at the end of Divergent. I found it to be very spot on.


Choose a City Setting

If you are going to have a Divergent-themed wedding, you need a city setting. This doesn’t mean that you have to be in a big city, per se. You can use props to make it look like a city. You could even be creative and plan a setting near a ferris wheel. That would certainly lend to romance.


Include Quotes in Your Wedding Ceremony

Another way to have a Divergent-themed wedding is to include some quotes in your wedding from the book. There are so many beautiful quotes in this series. They capture the love of Tris and Four beautifully and can be used to express your feelings as well. Don’t worry, you don’t have to comb back over the book to find them. Simply google them or look for them on Pinterest.


Choose Unique Wedding Favors

You can have so much fun with wedding favors when you have a Divergent-themed wedding. You can go really simple or very elaborate. You could include things like fake tattoos or even a copy of the book. Having a Divergent-themed wedding is a very unique choice. It only makes sense your favors are unique as well.


Serve Chocolate Cake

You simply must have chocolate cake at your wedding. How could you not if you are keeping with the Divergent theme? It doesn’t have to be the only flavor of cake you serve. But having a chocolate cake is classic Dauntless. This one is an easy and obvious tip to use that people will recognize.


Choose Some Music from the Movie Soundtrack

Don’t forget to choose some music from the movie soundtrack to include in your wedding. You don’t have to have every song come from that source. One or two songs would be fine. It is just another way to add a punch of Divergent to your wedding. One thing is for sure, you will certainly be gathering new fans for Veronica Roth.

Does a Divergent-themed wedding sound tempting to you? What ideas can you add to this list? I would love to hear from you!

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