7 Beautiful Wedding Videos That Will Make You Teary Eyed ...

I love watching beautiful wedding videos; I mean really, who doesn’t? You get to see two people come together and give perfect toasts and see beautiful dresses and tons of tears and smiles. I love it - it’s such a warm and happy moment! It’s incredible to catch it all on video. Here are 7 beautiful wedding videos that will make you teary eyed (or just really, really smiley)!

1. Victoria & Jason by Lightfield Lewis

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This is one of the most beautiful wedding videos I’ve ever seen. If I could afford this team for my wedding, I would totally do it. The music, the style, everything is just wonderful. I love when wedding videos tell a story, when it’s more than just a little image of the two lovebirds standing still and getting their picture taken. That’s what you want in a video, a story!

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