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45 Wedding Cakes to Make Your Day Special ...

By Eliza

Chances are wedding cakes are something you're looking at and thinking about a lot as you plan your event. With literally hundreds, even thousands of choices, it can be pretty hard to decide which one you love best. Look through these beautiful wedding cakes and you'll find all the inspiration you need to create your dream cake.

1 Flowers on Top

Flowers on TopVia 3 tier bling wedding cake ...
One of the best ideas for wedding cakes is to add flowers that match your color scheme. These light purple orchids are perfect.

2 Cascading Flowers

Cascading FlowersVia Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
A cascade of fresh flowers lends elegance and sophistication to this cake.

3 Silver Sparkles

Silver SparklesVia 30 Most Luxurious Wedding Cakes ...
The silver sparkles that surround the bottom edge of each layer make this cake a blinged out one that you'll love.

4 Chocolate Desgin

Chocolate DesginVia Amazing Cakes
Adding the chocolate design on this cake makes it one that will definitely stand out.

5 Quilted Blue Wedding Cake

Quilted Blue Wedding CakeVia cake ideas
The quilted design of this cake is really pretty on its own, but making it navy blue gives that little something extra.

6 Imperfect Frosting

Imperfect FrostingVia Wedding fun
Of course you want your big day to be perfect, but the slightly imperfect design of this frosting is still perfect.

7 Ombre Frosting

Ombre FrostingVia Wedding
Ombre is huge right now so using it on your cake is fun and trendy. It looks great in any color, but this turquoise is perfect.

8 Lacey Frosting

Lacey FrostingVia Wishful thinking
Mimic the lace on your dress by adding this custom frosting to your cake.

9 Different Layers

Different LayersVia Wedding ideas
Make each layer different for a masterpiece that looks great and brings life to your cake table.

10 Lots of Color

Lots of ColorVia Ana Rosa
For a fun and whimsical looking cake, this sprinkle covered confection is perfect. I also love the fondant bows.

11 Pink and Silver

Pink and SilverVia Cake64
The combination of pink and silver is sophisticated and lovely for any wedding.

12 Beads and Flowers

Beads and FlowersVia ❤ Forever and Always ❤
The frosting beads are only enhanced by the addition of the flowers on top of the cake.

13 Rustic

RusticVia bycherry photography - A Practical ...
Rustic barn weddings are the thing right now and this cake easily adds to the effect of the theme.

14 Tall and White

Tall and WhiteVia Sparkling Wedding Cakes | Your ...
This cake is all the more pretty because the layers alternate in size.

15 Light Pink

Light PinkVia Wedding Inspiration
Who says a wedding has to be completely white? The light pink frosting does the trick on this cake.

16 Sunflower Wedding Cake

Sunflower Wedding CakeVia Amanda Can Blog: The Reception ...
The sunflowers and ribbons on this cake make it perfect for fall or summer.

17 Turquoise Flowers

Turquoise FlowersVia Carmina & Stefan's Wedding Cake
For something totally different, this layer of turquoise flowers adds color and sophistication to your cake.

18 Elegant Ivory

Elegant IvoryVia Elegant Ivory Butter Cream Wedding ...
Ivory frosting with black accents makes for a cake that's perfect for a black tie affair.

19 White Flowers

White FlowersVia Wedding stuff / Cake
These huge white frosting flowers are different, but still elegant and beautiful.

20 Tiffany Wedding Cake

Tiffany Wedding CakeVia Tiffany Blue
Tiffany blue and square layers combine to create this awesome masterpiece.

21 Chocolate Peony

Chocolate PeonyVia Chocolate Peony Wedding Cake
If you're not a white cake kind of girl, this chocolate cake with pink ribbon and a peony is a beautiful alternative.

22 Brown Bows

Brown BowsVia Wedding
These brown bows add elegance to a simple white cake.

23 Silhouette

SilhouetteVia Wedding Cake Topper Silhouette Groom ...
For a small wedding, this small white cake topped with a black silhouette is wonderful.

24 Peacock Wedding Cake

Peacock Wedding CakeVia Peacock Wedding Cake
Peacocks are all the rage right now, which makes this cake fit perfectly. The pink and gold are great, but you could do any number of color combinations.

25 Winter Wonder

Winter WonderVia Wedding Cakes
This cake just screams winter wedding to me. What do you think?

26 White and Cream

White and CreamVia Pretty Pearl Ombre Wedding Cake ...
The very subtle ombre of this cake that goes from white to cream is so elegant.

27 Orange Watercolor

Orange WatercolorVia Top 20 Most Amazing Wedding ...
If you're really after something different, this orange watercolored cake is exactly what you need.

28 Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered StrawberriesVia
Instead of flowers, embellish your cake with chocolate covered strawberries that your guests will enjoy eating.

29 Half and Half

Half and HalfVia Timeline Photos - ME ENCANTA ...
This truly unique cake is perfect for a bride and groom that want different things.

30 Ultra Bling Gold Wedding Cake

Ultra Bling Gold Wedding CakeVia ༺✤ cake artistry ✤༻
I don't know how this gold frosting was created, but whoever came up with is is totally genius!

31 Simple and Small

Simple and SmallVia wedding cake
For a small wedding, this simple white cake fits the bill just right.

32 Nautical

NauticalVia Someday :)
The rope inspired frosting and blue anchors makes this cake perfect for a beach wedding.

33 Mr. and Mrs

Mr. and MrsVia Rustic Wedding Cake Topper or ...
The unique Mr. and Mrs. cake topper makes this a cake you won't see anywhere else.

34 Disney-inspired Cake

Disney-inspired CakeVia Wedding WOW ♡
For all those Disney fanatics, this fairy tale is a total dream.

35 Wedding Cake with Engagement Pictures

Wedding Cake with Engagement PicturesVia Wedding Planning, Local Wedding ...
Superimposing your engagement photos onto your cake makes it personal and fun.

36 Huge Flower Petals

Huge Flower PetalsVia We Adore These Artsy Wedding ...
These huge flower petals that cascade down the cake make it unique, but simple at the same time.

37 Cowboy Wedding

Cowboy WeddingVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Any cowboy bride should include this western, but still girly cake at her wedding. I love the wood slice plate.

38 Just a Touch of Color

Just a Touch of ColorVia A Glamorous Wedding Cake with ...
The tiny blue crystals inside the flowers give this cake just the right amount of color.

39 Fancy on Bottom

Fancy on BottomVia weddings
A simple top combined with this fancy bottom makes for a cake that will be sure to be talked about long after the wedding is over.

40 Initials

InitialsVia Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
Now that you're taking the name of your spouse, you can flaunt your new initial with this cake. The stripes combine perfectly with the letter.

41 Twigs

TwigsVia White Wedding Cakes
You might not think twigs belong on a wedding cake, but I think they work just fine.

42 Beach Theme

Beach ThemeVia beach wedding cake.
The shells and blue sea glass make this the ultimate cake for a beach wedding.

43 Blue Trim

Blue TrimVia Indigo Wedding Inspiration
The dark blue trim and blue bird topper make this a whimsical cake you can't help but love.

44 Rainbow

RainbowVia rainbow-food-5
This rainbow cake is elegant while also bringing lots of color to your cake table.

45 Black and White

Black and WhiteVia Wedding cakes
Nothing could be more elegant than a black and white color scheme and the love can't hurt either.

What's your dream wedding cake? Did you find the one you love here?

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